Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Dee's Dites

Several months ago I succumbed to the need to have my own blog. I chose to call it Dee’s Dites ( The other day DH asked me why that particular name.

Aside from the alliteration, “dites” is French for “tell.” Who can forget—assuming, of course, you’re old enough to remember—the song Ditez Moi from South Pacific?

Anyway, I have a French maiden name and thought deesdites appropriate. In addition, in spite of warnings to show not tell, writers do tell. We tell stories. We tell about people who meet and fall in love. And, hopefully, readers remember what we’ve told them.

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to tell readers how each of my books came about. Check me out at:

Oh! Also check out Book 4 in my Sensuous Seasonings series. It’s called Model Misbehavior and will release April 1, 2011—and no, that’s no April Fools’ Day joke—from eXtasy Books.

Dee Brice

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