Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who are characters based on?

Did you ever wonder where authors get the ideas for characters? Are they based on real people? The hero in my latest book, REDEMPTION, due out June 1 at and is based on a real person. In the book Ethan Caine is a shadowy figure whose past is shrouded in darkness. some say he's former DEA. Others say CIA. No NSA. Black ops. Counter-intelligence. A friend tells of delivering him to a vacant parking lot after dinner where a black helicocpter picks him up. He's gone for days at a time, no one knows where, and when he returns he gives no detaisl about where he's been. And so it is for the real Ethan Caine, whose past is just as murky. Daydreaming about the real person one day and discussing him with my son, we decided this man was too good not to put tinto a book, and so REDEMPTION was born. It's the story of a woman whno thought the n ightmare of her life was finally over until her son was kidnapped and n ot returned. an d of the burnt-oujt warrior, her last and final hope to recue him. In the seductive environment of Mexico's Quintana Roo jungle, passion explodes and they both reach for a future that may yet be destroyed.

So come on along and meet a real life hero and read ab9out his semi-fictional adventures.

My alter ego, Desiree Holt, also has a new release out at

In ONCE UPON A WEDDING, Rainie McIntyre just wants one weekend to sow her wild oats before she settles back into her very conservative life with her very conservative fiance. Just so she can for once live out her fantasies. Very reluctantly he agrees to give her the weekend at the beach. Nervously she waits to see whno she'll meet and how she'll handle it. But the weekend brings her more than one shock and changes the course of her life forever.


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