Friday, October 16, 2009

Go for it, girl

This quotation from Mark Twain is one of the best..."Twenty years from now you will be all the more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Do you really, really want to have those kind of regrets? Look back and mourn the things you didn't do? To me that's an invitation to be the sexy, take-charge woman most of romance novels exalt. Not too long ago telling a man what you wanted in bed was almost unheard of. Now the modern woman isn't afraid to demand satisfaction, and I find that one of the biggest advances both in romance itself and romance writing. Changes the whole picture from a little 'how I hope you love me' to a big 'here's HOW you love me'.

I think this is part of why e-books are so popular. Women can take charge of almost anything and do in my books. It's part of the reason they're so popular. It's also the reason some friends I have won't touch e-books. Older readers are too scared of the technology and some are menaced by the content. They simply don't want to be a sexy, take charge sort of woman. Someone of them don't want to catch the wind in their sails. Can't imagine such a thing. The unknown scares the hell out of them. If you've got an older friend into e-mail and e-books then they've made at the biggest part of the leap to the new world. Maybe this is a far fetched conclusion to reach, but I'm one of the older ones who made the leap and have quite a few friends who never will. I feel sorry for them, but no longer discuss much about the web with them. I just get a blank, or in some cases, a digusted stare. My younger friends love to talk about anything connected to the web.

This made me remember a similar admonition, 'you seldom spend time regretting what you bought, but you often obsess of the things you didn't.' I've had times where I couldn't make up my mind fast enough to spend the money for something I really wanted. Not important, but the same line of thinking. I still think about a beautiful abstract drawing I didn't get. Tough luck when you let that happen.

DON'T be afraid to be impulsive. I have trouble with following my own impulses, but that's another story. Let's just say I'm working on it. Maybe this is why my heroines don't usually have that particular problem, and the kind a woman wants to be. Makes the little dears much more interesting, I think, and I'm striving to get there with them.


Amber Skyze said...

What a truly inspiring post, Jean. This was exactly what I needed after the few weeks I've had. Thank you so much! :)

jean hart stewart said...

And thank your for the comment. Sometimes I feel I'm just flinging out words and wonder why. Jean

Julia Barrett said...

I agree, challenge is good. The world changes and we must change with it or...the way I see it...perish.

s7anna said...

Hey Jean,
Great post! I agree with you completely...we mustn't have regrets in's better to have tried something and fail miserably...than to be too afraid to try it in the first place...

When it comes to impulses...hmm...I really have a hard time resisting my impulses...I try to think a little before I jump...but have no worries..there are times when I just let go...and let loose my impulses...Life is for living...and what's life without a little bit of risk?

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks to both Anna and Julia. It's so good to know I'm not talking to myself. Both of your comments were excellent.....Jean

La Fenice said...

I agree with you, soooo much. Indeed, there are some things I regret not doing 20 yrs ago, that now, there is no possibility of ever doing them. And other things which I'd love to try anyway, but the world stacks the odds against older women, still. So I'm making what strides I can, while I can, looking for the opportunities... :)