Thursday, October 8, 2009


Men in sexy costumes. Before I start on that:
ALERT - I'll be adding a hunky Halloween photo at the bottom of my blog...but it's a naughty one! Don't look (well you can peek) if you're easily offended!

My latest book, "Sexy Games" by my other pen name, April Ash, is an erotic romantic adventure of a hero and heroine testing new adult games for the Naughty Games Company. they agree to don costumes and role-play three different scenarios. In my blogs on August 8th and September 8th, I interviewed both the heroine, Stacy, and hero, Sloane.

Costumes and role-playing allow you to fantasize incredible erotic encounters, as my hero and heroine discover. Think about Halloween. It's not just for children. Don't adults dress up and act out roles? How about those sexy pirates, cowboys, whatever?

Only once did I get my husband to wear a costume...but for a very sedate group on a military post so costumes were "tame". We went as Raggedy Anne and Andy. Nothing sexy there. But I knew that going as sex vamp Elvira and my husband wearing tight pants, an opened shirt and looking like a swashbuckling pirate wouldn't fit the atmosphere at this particular party.

So, do you have plans to dress up for Halloween? Perhaps, you'll be creative and do something similar to what the hunky guy in this picture decided to do to impress someone (certainly got my attention!).

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Amber Skyze said...

Nice Pumpkin! :)

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

A Happy Face!

Paris said...

I absolutely love pumpkins...and I don't think I'll ever look at them the same, LOL! Yum;-)

Fran Lee said...

Great pic, Marianne! But if I went out dressed like that, they would really be screaming and running! LOL!

conb00 said...

OHHH! what a FANTASTIC PUMPKIN BUTT!! I'm GRINNING from ear to ear! I made a copy of it and sent it to a friend,Hope you don't mind? Happy Halloweenie to you too.LOL!!!