Saturday, October 17, 2009

What are those pearls for? Shameless promo for medieval, AT HER SERVICE

Historicals give an author an opportunity to use her knowledge of the past in intriguing ways.
With the debut of the first in my SWORDS OF PASSION series, I get to work with 3 FAB men. Knights, every one. Each one madly in love with women whom they should not have. Each man irrevocably tied to save her, from herself, her king, her fate. Each man, a legend (hey, aren't they all?) in their own time!
The first is the tale of Simon de la Poer, one of King Richard's men, now owing fealty to King John. Simon's task is to aid a lovely, lonely, childless countess who must bear an heir to her estate before those around her decide to dispossess her of her lands, her wealth and even her life.
Come Nov. 30 to when AT HER SERVICE debuts.
And don't you really want to know what those pearls are for????
Trust me. You DO.


Fran Lee said...

Um...yes? No...wait...I already guessed. LOL! Sounds hot!

Anny Cook said...

Oooooh. At Her Service, huh? Sounds yummy!