Saturday, October 24, 2009

Websites, twitter & blogging...Oh My!

Everyday it feels like there is a new social site to meet people. Are we flooding the market and overwhelming readers?

I can barely keep up with the three things I have now. I'm a Twitter reject because I can't remember to twirp or whatever they call it. When I do I'm at a loss for what to say. Do people really want to know that I'm staring at my computer screen with my eyes crossed? I'd try for something really glamorous but I doubt anyone would believe me. I generally harassas friends there just to make it look like I'm a good Twitter person.

Then we have websites, which I don't mind in the least. The reason I don't mind is because my webmistress is a gem. She makes sure I don't have to do a thing. That woman is a sparkling mountain of diamonds in my eyes. I sometimes venture over to the public side of my world and admire it. Vain? Nope, cause trust me outside of cyberspace, I am so not that put together and organized. Plus, my website helps readers get in touch with me easier than tracking me through my publishers.

And my last and probably least abused cyber home is myspace. I sort of know what I'm doing in this realm. I blog whenever something something occurs to me or whenever I have something to share. I can update my 'mood' and other things. Add friends, request friends, make a music playlist and in general create mayhem. I love it. It's fun, it's easy and it makes for killer sparkly things to show off.

I've been told I must get a facebook account and a few other cyber homes that I can't remember. My question is why? I have three valid places for readers to find me, contact me or update themselves on news. To add more feels like throwing a drowning man an elephant. Way useless.

My one exception is guest blogging. I love doing this. Nothing is more fun than being invited over to someone else's house and making yourself at home. Party, party, party and there's no mess to clean up afterward!! And I get to share my opinions and plots with yet another unsuspecting group of vict-...I mean cherished readers :)

If you see me on Twitter, or floating off someplace in the cyber world give me a yell, tell me hi. If there's no angry mob on my heels I'll stop and chat. However if a group of angry people with torches and pitchforks are running after me....either hide me or give me an alibi. I'll be your friend for life :)

Have a wonderful Fall weekend!



Anny Cook said...

Found that MySpace annoyed me so went to FaceBook. I've found more of my personal friends there, but the main thing? Don't try to go there everyday... just when you want to.

Fran Lee's Romance Blog said...

I seldom go to MySpace because it is too mechanical for me. I love FaceBook, but it took some practice. Twitter is simple and easy, but it only takes short little snippets, and I only use it to advertise.