Monday, October 26, 2009

I LOVE Being an Erotic Romance Author!

You meet and talk to the nicest people...

And nobody thinks twice if I ogle hot guys. I can walk down the street and do all the hot gazes and double takes I want, and just smile and say "Research, darling...I write erotic romance..."

One very delicious guy grinned and winked. I looked behind me to make sure he was winking at me. Then I pretended I knew it all along. LOL! I wear T-shirts with my hot covers on them. I have guys staring at my chest all the time, especially at the one with Hallie's Cats on it. That little blonde has a cute tush, and I have male checkers almost swallowing their tongues when I smile and say hi. And the female checkers blush and try not to look at my chest, probably afraid I'll think they are looking at me instead of the half naked guy. Silly people...of course it's the hot nekked dude...

One lady in the supermarket checkout asked me how I could wear a half naked man on my chest and not be embarrassed. I blinked at her and raised my brows. "What half-naked man?" I asked innocently. The lady on the other side of me turned and stared, and said, "Where can I get me one of those?"

Yep...being a romance author is fun. Nobody even lifts an eyebrow anymore. The Post Office guy just grins and asks me how I got the picture of him. (He's hot), and when I mailed stuff off to Ellora's Cave for Romanticon, the Post Office lady asked how she can get some books. I handed her my card with the EC website addy on it. I asked her then next time I saw her if she got any books. She sorta grinned and ducked and said, "My husband loves those books..."

Well...I can certainly imagine why! Most women who buy erotic romance usually try an experiment with the old man once in a while.'s loads of fun being an erotic romance writer...

Fran Lee

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PS again! My NEW RELEASE contest just started for my next book, "First and Ten" A part of the Carnal Reunions Anthology being released November 10, 2009 from Resplendence! Seven separate short hot authors! That's on my website, too!

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Amber Skyze said...

Oh the perks of being an erotic author! :)
Congrats on the pending release.