Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I Love Hot Alpha Males

I love alpha males because they are so macho, yet without being overbearing. The respect he women they love and aren't afraid to show it. And for those in black ops/special ops, my favorite kind to write about, they have an air of nystique I can't seem to resist.

In Dancing With Danger, Gabriel Peralta blows in and out of Rachel Windsor's life when he can steal time from his dangerous deep undercover assignment. But then his cover is blown and Rachel is caught up in the case with him. But for a man like Gabe, she doesn't mind Dancing With Danger.

“How did you get in here, anyway?” She had committed the extensive list to memory and she knew for sure his name hadn’t been there. “The guest list is completely vetted and our security is top notch.”
He chuckled softly. “Yes, I know that. But I have connections. How long do you have to stay here?” he murmured in her ear.
“The Harrises usually expect me until the bitter end. How long are you here for this time?”
“Two days. Can you leave early?”
The orchestra had segued into another slow, romantic tune and their bodies moved in perfect harmony. He danced with an unexpected grace, the muscles in his thighs flexing as he moved. She could feel his heart beating where he enfolded her hand against his chest and the thick ridge of his cock pressed against her soft flesh through the fabric of their clothing.
His hand caressed the nape of her neck, sending shivers down her spine and he pressed his cock more tightly against her. “Rachel, I have to see you naked. I’m so hard for you right now I’m doing my best not to lose control here in a public place.”
“I can’t leave,” she protested weakly, although she wanted nothing more than to run out the door with him. “What would I tell my bosses?”
They continued to move in time to the music, his pelvis grinding against hers, the sleek muscles of his thighs flexing with each step. One hand drifted down to cup the cheeks of her ass, pressing the light fabric of her dress into the cleft.
“People can see us.” She tried to reach back and rearrange the dress but he grabbed her hand and pulled it against him, trapping it between their bodies.
“They’re all too busy being seen by other people.” He bent his head so his mouth was close to her ear. “I love your ass. Do you remember the first time I fucked you there, Rachel? How hot it made you feel? How you loved my cock filling your hole? How hard you came?”
If he didn’t stop talking to her she would implode right there on the dance floor. Already she could feel her cream soaking the crotch of her thong and pantyhose and sticking to the insides of her thighs. The moistened fabric rubbed against her skin as she moved in the steps of the dance. Rather than causing a feeling of irritation, it only aroused her more.
“Gabe, please,” she whispered.
“Please what?” His head moved and his lips pressed against her hair. “Please fuck you? Please suck your sweet little pussy? Stick my tongue way inside until it scrapes the little sweet spot that sends you into orbit? Please make you come in a hundred different ways? Jesus, Rachel, watching you come is awe-inspiring.”
The music shifted into something with a stronger beat and Gabe’s body shifted with it. He was a smooth dancer, much more accomplished than she would have expected. He had a natural grace and rhythm that reminded her of a jungle cat. Maybe a panther, dark and sleek like him. Every shift of his hips, every dip and sway, increased the friction of his cock against her and the arousing feeling of the cloth between the cheeks of her buttocks.
“We need to get out of here,” he told her, tightening his grip on her. “Right now.”

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