Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pesky little issues of self-publishing: Q & A

While I dip my toe in the waters of self-publishing (and I write about them on my blog beginning 7.17.11 at ), I thought I would quickly list of few issues that occur to me as vital within the industry to note:
1. Like any other venture, have a GOAL. For this book, for this venture, which is going to cost you a lot of time and money, hope and aspiration, do have an idea of what you wish to accomplish.

Is it to increase your readership, assuming you are already published and have books out which new readers may now buy?
Is it to launch yourself into a new venture and learn a new business model?
Is it to establish yourself in a new medium with a low price point?

Only by having a clear goal can you have a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that your time and effort were well spent.
2. Understand that your sales may not come to you all at once within a few months of publication.
Because digital life is long. Eternal, it would seem. PRINT life, as an author friend of mine often says, has the shelf life of celery.
Be patient. If you build it, readers will come.
3. How many will come?
Ah. That depends. On your promotion, your visibility and of course, on the quality of the work.
The visibility and promo, to some extent, you can control.
The quality and how it is received by others? Not so much.
Because everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it, and reviewers abound. The good. The Bad. The ugly. The unprincipled.  What for one is a 5 star, is for another a 3 star. How can that be, you ask?
As a multi-pubbed author in print and in e-book, I can only repeat: everyone has an opinion. Those opinions can be as varied as flakes of snow.
You just have to put your big girl or boy pants on and live with it.
4. Promo!
Oh, boy. My only thought on the do not spend yourself blind. Choose a few good places to promote and advertise and get the heck out of Dodge!
You can go nuts AND BROKE.
Want more of my journey and a blow-by-blow of what to do, how, when and how much to spend?
Go to my blog (addy above) and begin with post for 7.17.11 and all posted with "self-pub" in the blog labels.
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Ciao! Happy new ventures!

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