Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blog Monster

Today is my day to blog. Oh, and by the way, my novel Prophecy of Vithan is coming out August 2. For some reason, blogging is intimidating to me. Which is odd since I am a writer and deal with words. With words I create fantastical worlds filled with dragon people, centaurs, almost vampires, mermaids, shape-shifters, and always women who are strong and able and who would laugh at me if they knew I was trembling at the idea of typing a few words on a computer screen.
I can hear Morgan now. "Charlene, after all you have put me through, you are afraid of a blog? Where is it? Give my my broadsword, I'll make short work of it. What? That's it? A few digital dots?" Morgan sweeps her hand over the computer and knocks the dots onto the floor where they scurry around in confused circles. Deliberately, Morgan raises her booted foot and stomps and grinds them into the ground. She raises her face and looks at me. Her lavender eyes flash angrily, then she grins. "There, the Blog Monster is gone. Now get back to the computer and type."
For some reason, creating worlds and scenes is easier than writing something about the real world. But then, in my worlds, you can solve problems with a broadsword. Not in the real world. So I guess that is why it is harder to blog than to write.
Oh, did I mention that Prophecy of Vithan is coming out August 2? I am so excited.
Now, before Morgan stops grinning at me I better get back to the easy part - writing about other worlds and women like Morgan who are strong, resilient and able. Women who are able to defeat the villain, destroy the monster, deliver the hero, and never break a nail.
Morgan says she sometimes breaks a nail but has a good sense to have a manicure after she gets done bringing the villain to justice, getting rid of the monster, and of course the only hero for her is Len.
Did I tell you Prophecy of Vithan is coming out August 2? Oh, I did. Okay, then bye for now.

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