Saturday, July 14, 2007


Good morning friends and goddesses.
I've decided Exercise should be shortened to Xrcs so we can put it in the four letter word category. Its like cleaning the litter box, a necessary evil.
My idea of exercise is walking, so much easier than lifting weights or trying to get my creaking muscles to move in something that resembles a jog or a run instead of a shuffle. I work during the day and write at night so I try to get out and walk at lunch. Which is fine and dandy till hot weather hits and I go back to work smelling like the great out of doors. So I'm trying a new method. It's probably not what trainers would recommend but it fits in my schedule. I write until my brain--along with other parts 0f my anatomy--goes numb then get up and exercise for five or ten minutes. Then I sit down and write until that brilliant thought eludes me, jump up and exercise, then sit down and write again.
This serves a two fold purpose: it gets me off my rump and it wakes my slumbering brain cells. It's probably not as good as working out for a set block of time but at least I can say I'm doing something.What methods do you use to stay in shape?
My quiz for the day, from The Crystal: What is Christopher Saint's alias? If you know the answer please send it to me at and I'll send you a deck of Ellora's Cave/Cerridwen Press playing cards.
Enjoy your Saturday.

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