Monday, July 16, 2007

Something new for me

I'm always being told as a writer it's good to stretch yourself, not get too comfortable in a specific niche. Breathe new life into youjr writing. So I recently took a leap of faith and jumped onto a new ship. Oh, it's still romantic suspense - couldn't live without it - but in a new direction. This fall my very first pyschic thriller, ALWAYS ON MY MIND, will be released by The Lotus Circle, sister imprint to Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press. Faith wilding and Mark Halloran discovered in their early teens that they could communicate with each other telepathically. Throughout the long years of their friendship, while Faith built a successful career as an author of political thrillers and Mark led Special Ops missions for the military, this ability always allowed them to remain linked. A weekend that turned out to be more than just a hello how are you opened up a whole new dimenion in their relationship and exposed their real feelings for each other. But Mark believes it's not fair to tie Faith down while he'e still leading dangerous missions, and asks ehr to put their relationship on hold until he's completed his current military service. Then the unthninkable happens - Mark's mission is betrayed, almost his entire team is killed and Mark is captured and tortured for information by a terrorist cell. Deep in the nungles of Peru, a writeoff by the government which doesn't want to make political waves, Mark's only hope is Faith. when she begins receiving messages from him she's terrified at what's happening to him and scrambling to find a way to help. The Lotus Circle, a worldwide group of people who resurrected an ancient order of people with psychic abilities, guides her though this. As she searches for answers and help, she uncoveers a situation that will shake the very foundation of the government. But will she get the answers and the help she needs in time to save Mark?

Watch for this book to be released this fall. Visit me at for the release date and list of places to purchase it.
Hope you enjoy the psychic ride as much as I did.

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