Friday, July 27, 2007

Carnal Awakening ~ Uncovered ~ Behind the Story

My book Carnal Awakening released today from Ellora's Cave . Yippeee!!!

I have a feature on my personal blog where I explore my books. The feature is called uncovered. This month I explored Carnal Awakening. This is the post I did on behind the story of Carnal Awakening.

So let’s get uncovered….

In this uncovered we will be talking about how the story Carnal Awakening came to be.This story came to me out of nowhere. I was actually working on another story when Shay - my heroine - came to me and demanded her story be told. She also let me know her story could not be told as one story but would be a series of stories. Imagine if you will a woman who knows what she wants but is unsure how to ask for it. I’ll be exploring Shay in another Uncovered later this month.

Once Shay came to me I let my mind wander. I knew that this story would have to have a lot of twists and turns. I worked out the plot and my mind raced then it came to me. There would be a special gift that leads to the awakening of these characters. A gift that is rare and beautiful. A gift that is used with grand romantic gestures. It says so much and yet not enough. But imagine if it had the ability to have a more active role in getting a couple together. A gift that would travel through realms to get where it needed to be to bring them together. Once they were together it is up to the couple where things lead.

As I built the gift and the world Shay and Mikhail inhabit I pushed the boundaries. Their world is one of passion, intrigue, and most of all an adventurous nature. Each has their own things they must face. Shay has to overcome her reservation, while Mikhail must realize duty and desire are both possible.

Carnal Awakening leads you on a path of not only a sensual awakening but also into the discovery of what is inside. There are a few other surprises thrown in and more to follow in the next books.

Come along for the exploration of Shay and Mikhail as they are awakened.

I leave you with this question. What is a moment of awakening you experienced?


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