Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Promote or ...

Unless I beat up strangers walking down the street and make them promise to buy my book (soon to be "books" in September)I'm not sure where to pitch promo stuff. I'm thinking of joining Facebook. My step-granddaughter is urging me to. She wants me as a friend. It may lead to some sales. We shall see. I have downloaded promo information from EC and CP authors. Thanks. You are generous and I will start using your wisdom.

In the meantime I have started a new book and haven't a clue where it's going. It's a wierd feeling to write without a glimmer of a plot. I'm 10,000 words into the story. Already there's been a murder and the body has disappeared. As I go over what I've written the previous day, I add to the scene. I mean, how did the body disappear? It sure didn't walk away; not with an ivory handled knife sticking out of its chest.

Writers are strange creatures. We go about our daily business, grocery shopping, preparing meals, visiting friends,watrching the world go by and inside our heads are
stories. Some sweet. Some not so sweet. Writers who pen fantasy, shape shifting stories, vampire tales and futuristic yarns projected into the future must have to keep their stories compartmentalized inside their heads lest they tangle with reality. I think you are all terrific. I tend to write less dangerous stories.

It's very hot on the west coast of Canada to-day. 30 deg. C, that's about 90 deg.F. I'm not a lover of heat and find it difficult to write a certain number of words each day as the temperature climbs. I cut myself some slack and do what I can.

I have four books contracted with Cerridwen Press. Three coming out this year and one next year. I think I will rest on my laurels until the heat abates. Unfortunately, there are no laurels in our garden for me to rest on. Bye for now.

Anita Birt

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