Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A good book!

I'm sure that most of you who read this are as big a reader as I am. I love books. It is what brought me to writing. I could probably write more if I didn't read so much, but I refuse to walk away from a great book. In the last week I have read both Forbidden Pleasures and Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh, Simon Says by Lori Foster, Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lucy Monroe, and Yes! I have started the final book in the Harry Potter series.
I find myself with mixed emotions as I read it. Eager to rush through and get done. Yet at the same time wanting to slow down and savor every word as it is the last book. I find that I am that way with most series that I read. I love series and eagerly anticipate the next book. But when the last one comes out I am reluctant to let go. They are characters that I have come to know and love and I don't want to say goodbye. My collection...books! LOL And yes, I do re-read them.
I have two series out with Ellora's Cave, Bare Love and Island Guardians. I like to read them so I tend to write them. So far the reception from readers has been warm and loving though I have had a few who were disappointed about one or two things. It is always tough to get that letter from someone who didn't like your work but I treasure them. They took the time to read it anyway and sometimes they actually include constructive criticism in there which is a gift! So thanks to all of you who write to us letting us know what you think.
Now that I have rambled on for a bit too long I guess that I will close with this: A wise woman always told me that life is only as boring as you allow it to be. The greatest journey you may ever take could be as close to you as opening the cover of a book. Adventure, travel and history at the tips of your fingers...It will take you anywhere you want to go. That wise woman just celebrated her 80th birthday and still enjoys a good book! So Grandma, I love you. Thanks for the greatest gift anyone ever gave me...my first book!

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