Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bare Confessions by Lacey Thorn releases today!!!!

Yeah! It is release day at Ellora's Cave Publishing and my book Bare Confessions is finally out! This is the second book in my Bare Love series. I'm so excited about it that today I am going to share a glimpse of the book with you! First a look at what the story is all about!

Bare Confessions
Lacey Thorn
Sequel to His Bare Obsession
“Secrets and lies… Everyone in the world deals with these every day of their lives. To protect themselves. To protect someone else. It is all in the way that you look at the situation.”
Katie Daniels is struggling to deal with all that surrounds her, losing her teaching position and the tiny fact that she shot and killed a man. Katie finds solace at Knowledge Is Power, the health club owned by her brother’s fiancĂ©e Moira Madigan, and with her brother’s best friend Detective Ben Marcum. Katie has been in love with Ben for years a secret she has kept quietly hidden until now. Secrets and lies are all around her but the one Ben is keeping may just be the biggest of all. Detective Marcum is hiding more than anyone knows, even his best-friend and partner Detective Gil Daniels. Will Ben trust Katie with the truth? More importantly will he trust her with his heart? Can Katie break down the walls of protection Ben has erected? Will their bare confessions stir the fires burning inside them or blow them out for good?

Sounds good I hope!! Now how about a little peek at how two strong alphas get along when one is fooling around with the others sister! LOL Enjoy!

Excerpt 5 from Bare Confessions ( PG 13, unedited)
When Ben made it into the station Gil was already there whistling while he made his way through a pile of paper work.
“Looks like someone is really happy this morning.” Ben said as he took a seat behind his own desk which sat facing Gil’s.
“Umm. You don’t know the half of it. I had the best night of sex of my life last night.” Gil’s grin was so big that Ben couldn’t help but grin back at him.
“So I take it Moira finally let you tie her to the bed.”
“Even better she let me use cuffs.” Gil bobbled his eyebrows at Ben. “When I got home she was already on the bed. She had cuffed herself with my spare set of cuffs.”
“Damn man. Should I even be hearing this stuff?”
“All I’m going to say was that it was the best four hours of my life.”
“Four hours?” Ben sputtered. “I’m seriously impressed.”
“I got two, she got two.” Gil replied and glanced back down to the paperwork whistling once again.
“Wait a minute. Are you saying that you let her cuff you to the bed too?”
Gil shrugged. “What can I say? She talked me into it at a weak moment.”
“You’re always weak when it comes to Moira. You better hope that she never finds out just how weak you are. She’ll have you buying her personal hygiene products at the store for her.”
When Gil flushed bright red Ben burst out laughing. “Oh, man, that is just sad my friend.”
Gil shook his head and looked closer at Ben. “What about you my friend. You look pretty relaxed this morning. Have a good night did we?”
It was Ben’s turn to flush. “I need to talk to you, Gil. But I want your word that you’ll let me finish before you say or do anything.”
“What is it with you people lately? You all act like I have no control over my temper.”
“Well you have been known to hit first and ask questions later.”
“Whatever. Just get on with it. I promise that I’ll sit here like a good little boy until you’re all done.”
Gil folded his hands on top of his desk and eased back in his chair giving Ben his total focus.
“I’m seeing Katie.”
“My baby sister, Katie?”
“Yes, I’m seeing your baby sister Katie. We just started seeing each other a few days ago but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and so has she.”
“Were you the one night stand Moira was talking about?” Gil asked calmly.

Remember that this is available today at Pick up your copy and be sure to share with me what you thought!

Lacey Thorn


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Sounds good, Lacey. Good luck with this. Sandra