Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amazing Writer Race

I'm revisiting a topic I had on my own blog a few years ago. It is amazing how appropriate it still is.

Okay I’ll admit it I like reality shows. There has been an influx of reality shows but in my humble opinion there are only a few that are worth watching, I won’t go into a list of them but one of my favorites is The Amazing Race. After watching the contestants for another year - this year it was all stars – run around the world all vying to win a million dollars I was pleased with the outcome. Then I started thinking again how I was in a sort of Amazing Race myself. The Amazing Writer Race that is. I'm going to post once again my way of thinking of my own Amazing Race. Now don’t think like that. I know exactly what I am getting at.

Imagine for a moment what the Amazing Race really is. It isn’t only about the money (which is a million dollars) it’s about the experience on the race. Now lets me give you the break down on what are the similarities and differences between The Amazing Race and The Amazing Writer Race.


Amazing Race – before the race even hits TV a call goes out for entrants. Contestants have to sign up and I’m sure go through process before they are picked.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – Before you can become a writer and idea must form. That call to pick up the pen or peck on that keyboard to pound out a story.

Differences – A writer is the only one who judges if you are worthy to be in the race and what must be done.

Point A to B

Amazing Race – once in the race you have to get from point so and so to here or there with your wits, leg work and a little money

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – As a writer you use your wits, legwork, and money to get your writing out there.

Differences – The road to Point A to B changes as you do and the way there is not clear cut way. It is up to you to get there at your own will.

Places, Culture, and Customs

Amazing Race - Each leg of the race the contestants goes to a new place they have to make themselves familiar with the places, culture and various customs. They even participate in some of these.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – a writer has to do the same thing get in tune with the place, the scents, and people there.

Differences – the writer is the one who builds the world, the cultures and customs they follow. This gives you more leeway to make it yours.


Amazing Race - along the way you meet various people in these places you visit that.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – In your writing life you met and get to know so many people that you take away something from each.

Differences – You get to know the people longer and better and form lasting friendships.

Detours/Road Blocks

Amazing Race - along the way there are detours and challenges to be performed before a contestant can move on.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – In your writing life you have detours and challenges to met also.

Differences – The type of challenges and the amount of time you have to overcome each is set by you. How you go about it is also set by you.

Other Contestants

Amazing Race - you have others that are in the race vying to get that money.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – as a writer you also have other writer’s who is vying for that book deal.

Differences – The support and true friendships that you find with other writer who are going after the same thing.


Amazing Race - At the end of all of that there is one winner.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – A writer definitely wants to be a winner.

Differences – However there is many winners in this race and some of them are your friends who also is in this race as an amazing writer.

Time Frame

Amazing Race - there is a set time frame to get things some

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – You set goals and times to be done with various things.

Differences – Your time frame as an author is as long as you want and the race doesn’t end until you let it.

So in this Amazing Writer Race according to your genre there is more romance, mystery, far off place or any number of things. They lead most times to a happy ending or resolution. Whereas in my case as an erotic writer there is an added bonus of not only getting to build my own worlds the way I like them. My characters get to have lots hot spicy sex and still find that happy ending.

When it comes down to it the major difference in the Amazing Writer Race is even after we have won the prize – a book contract – we still keep racing to get the next, then the next and next until infinity. So we are always racing. And after that book is out we enter a whole new phase of the race.

Years ago when I first mentioned my own Amazing Writer Race I mentioned I was striving for the prize – a book contract. Well I got many of them. And you know what as I said then and believe now I got that win and still have a lot more wins to go in my Amazing Writing Race.

So come on and share how the Amazing Race or any other reality show or even regular shows relate to you and your life??


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Charlene Leatherman said...

You make a good point. Perhaps this is why reality shows are flourishing - they relate to our every day lives. My writing is more from the sci-fi chanel. However, I would have to say that my life relates to the reality show Survivor. Living in a tiny town with a population of only 150, where everyone struggles to make a living, to survive. I wonder who will get kicked off this week. Sometimes it is a friend who loses a job, or a relative who drinks too much and loses a loved one. Then there are the celebrations when someone "survives". A friend gets that job that he has been hoping for. A relative gives up an addiction, again. (How many times have you given up smoking? How many times have I gone on a diet?)
The thing about a tiny town and Survivor, there is no place you can hide. Everyone knows everything, good, bad or indifferent. What you had for breakfast is known by the town before you wash your plate. So, like we celebrate with the "Survivors" that make it to next week's show, so too do we celebrate everyone's tiny victories. We also agonize when a challenger is kicked off the island. And we do that in life as well. So celebrate with me as I eat my salad and not the chocolate cake that is calling my name.