Thursday, May 24, 2007

Release Day! I'm "Speechless"

It's going to be hard to concentrate on my day job today.

Speechless is now available at Cerridwen Press!

The last thing Eva expected to happen on her hike in the New England mountains was to break her leg and be rescued by the intensely sexy Stone Peters. He claims to be an international consultant taking a break from the rat race, but Eva soon realizes there's more to Stone than meets the eye.

They're drawn to each other right off the bat, but Stone knows he can't let himself get involved with a woman. It's just too dangerous, and he'll be damned if he'll allow any more innocent blood to be spilled.

But when Stone starts hearing Eva's voice in his head--the only voice she has, since she's mute--all bets are off. And those bad guys with guns don't help matters much, either.

You can find excerpts in three places: The official excerpt at Cerridwen Press (, two excerpts on my web site (, and a very short one I posted in a bulletin on MySpace this morning. Come friend me, and you'll be able to read it (

And don't forget to buy the book!


Terry said...

Congrats! Enjoy the excitement.
You're on my list.

Elissa Abbott said...

Thanks, Terry!

nina nash said...

Congratulations! And I won't forget to buy the book! ;-)

Elissa said...

Thanks, Nina!