Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Imagination is a powerful thing...

It's Wednesday..."hump day"...and my turn to blog. I want to chat a little bit about imagination and the power of those who know how to use it. Without our incredible ability to imagine things, the human population as a whole wouldn't be where it is today. Some say it's what separates us from animals. Those folk with religious backbones may insist it's the 'soul' that defines this difference between us, but I'm very inclined to believe that animals do have souls. My dogs certainly do! Alas, I digress...the conversation is about the power of imagination.

As a writer, I rely on my imagination to create a whole world. Everything from the people, clothing, food, housing, transportaiton--anything and everything the story demands is recreated inside my head. Writing contemporary is probably easiest because the world-building needn't be as intense or unique. But when you invent a SciFi, or paranormal such as vampires or shapeshifters, your imagination is challenged! Authors of fantasy, futuristics and even historicals, must be able to dive into their imagination and pull something incredible from it, and then make it seem real to a reader. Isn't it amazing that we do?

I'm amazed by it every day, whether reading someone else's book or writing my own!!!

Readers always want to know how a writer comes up with the story. One word: imagination. Almost everyone has the power to imagine great things. The difference is the ability to pull it out of your head and do something with it--like write, or invent something as simple as the lightbulb. If necessity is the mother of invention, then imagination is the father of creativity. We're all creative beings. Some of us have the urge to do something with it, to share a bit of ourselves with others, to leave a mark no matter how small, or make a difference. To express our opinions. To teach, or simply entertain.

When I'm writing I despise being interrupted for anything. Once I've delved into my imaginary world everything else just disappears. It's almost as if I've transported my brain to another place and time. My body follows direction on autopilot and types what I "see" and "hear". It's extremely entertaining and consumes me like no psycho-drug ever could!! Hours seem like seconds and time literally flies. Feeding my imagination by spending time in it, is very satisfying and I could say--addictive. Stepping outside my imagination when I'm not ready to is terribly aggravating. It upsets me when the phone rings (I usually turn it off!), if my dogs bark for no reason other than to let me know a squirrel has dared to step foot on the porch, or if UPS comes to the door with a delivery (even if it's something I ordered and want). I can't write with the TV on, or with music. It's too disruptive to my "world". I don't even like to take a break for food, which is why I make sure I have snacks and drink at my desk. Just don't bother me until *I* am ready to come out or there will be hell to pay.


Anonymous said...

So true, Rita. Imagination is a wondrous, beautiful thing. I think it's part of what makes us artistic, along with drive and passion.

Anna McLain

Anonymous said...

That's one of the wonderful things about being a writer--getting lost in your imagination for hours at a time.

NJ Walters

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Great blog Rita! And vive la difference! I can't write WITHOUT distractions.

Shay Lacy said...

People think I'm odd because my imagination takes me places they never dream of going. I don't understand why their imaginations don't take them there too.

Thanks for sharing the dream, Sable.