Thursday, May 31, 2007

Queen of the Jungle

I subscribe to this two nifty "newsletters". They really aren't newsletters. One is the sayings of the Universe. The other is from and gives me motivational things to think about.Every morning I get this message from the Universe. Sort of a pat on the back to let me know that today is going to be okay. No matter how disturbing the day really is I know four things - (1) God is on my side so what do I have to worry about? (that knowledge doesn't stop me from worrying or acting stupid, but it is nice to know) (2) My husband loves me. (3) I am a writer and I am a success. (even if I don't ever sell anything, I was accepted by a publisher Cerridwen Press and my book Prophecy of Vithan comes out in August. So, having accomplished that much as a writer makes me a success) and (4) the Universe will tell me something neat and SparkPeople will say something nifty.

This is what the Universe said to me today:

It's not a matter of whether or not you can afford it, swing it, or handle it, Charlene.
It's a question of whether or not I can.
And I can.
The Universe

And my Sparked Motivation was:

It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as
a lamb.
- Roman proverb
Are you a lion or a lamb?
How will your life be remembered? Will your story be lost among
the millions who were afraid to take a chance? Or will you leave
something noble behind? There's nothing to gain by following the
crowd or doing what you've always done. You may as well put
yourself out to pasture. But there's everything to gain by
believing that you're king or queen of the jungle, even if just
for a day. (Go ahead and roar if you want to.) Each of us has an
amazing opportunity to live large if we allow it. It takes
leaving the comfort of our familiar meadows and walking into the
unknown. Once you take that chance, you've made your days
worthwhile. Even if you have few resources, adventure is around
every corner, and life is waiting to be devoured. If you were to
write the book of your life, would you want to read it?

So, today (or tomorrow since it is late today) I will acknowledge that I don't have to DO IT - the Universe will supply and I will be the Queen of the Jungle.

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