Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dropping by unscheduled

Hi Godesses. It's Saturday and time to think Spring and look forward to summer. I've washed down the patio furniture and will sit outside if and when the sun decides to come out. Writing question. Do any of you write outdoors using your laptop? Does bird song inspire you? Do rustling leaves turn you on? Do robins splashing in the bird bath make you smile? My problem with the great outdoors is wasps! I'm allergic to their nasty stings and I swear the little devils know it. I sit down with notebook and pen - I don't have a laptop - and first one, then another and another arrives driving me indoors to my wasp free computer.

I have been fine tuning a time travel that I really love. Ring Around The Moon. Imagine a thatched cottage in magical Cornwall. Imagine my hero, Alan Tremaine, who travels through time from 1807 to 2007 the exact location where his house burned to the ground, two hundred years ago. Imagine my American heroine, Beth Ormond, who rents Quest Cottage for a month to get away from the hassles back home in Portland, Oregon. Imagine a full moon beaming down as Beth arrives at the cottage and Alan steps from a nearby stand of trees.

Now I must leave. Happy writing goddesses,
Anita Birt

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Jenyfer Matthews said...

Hi Anita - you've been tagged!

Visit my site to see what to do next - it's fun :)