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Earth Moves Release

Only six more days until the release of my brand new series with Ellora's Cave, Island Guardians. Earth Moves is the first book in this series and tells the story of the Guardain of Earth, Erika. This is my first jaunt into the fantasy genre and I only hope that it is as well received as my Bare Love series. Today I am going to give you a look at this new work. I hope that you like it.

Earth Moves
Lacey Thorn

She is Erika and within her she has found the power of the earth, a power that she must hide from all those around her. For no warrior believes in the coming of the Guardians or in the curse. Erika is fast approaching her twenty first summer and that, according to Warrior Law, will proclaim her claimable. Any warrior brothers who wish to mate her can vie for her, but Erika knows exactly who she will belong to when that day comes. Galen and Arik Savari, the six-foot-eight-inch warrior brothers have always watched over her. She is as drawn to them as they are to her but she fears the joining and what it might bring to her both as a woman and a Guardian.

Galen and Arik are determined to claim Erika and mate her as wife. Once the bond is formed none may ever come between them again. At last the brown haired, green eyed vixen will be theirs. In every way conceivable.

Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn
(Excerpt is unedited)

She walked to the altar at the front of the chapel before turning to the Prince again. “I will give you one more chance to give up this madness. Leave now or know the vengeance of the goddess.”
“Your words will scare no one Priestess,” the Warrior Prince said with much contempt. “We seek only that which we need to survive. If not us than others will come.”
“Then know this warrior.
“Because you take instead of seek, because you cause the goddess to weep. In this take heed my words to hear, for a time of reckoning soon will near. In five times five the Guardians will arise, five women marked by the goddess’ eyes. Of fire, earth, water and air, four will become the Guardian’s of Altair. The fifth shall ply the mystic realms and draw them together in the valley of Elms. When the five are united in this mystic place, only then will the curse be lifted I place. Cursed to battle to hold what you take, this is the hand dealt you by fate. Warriors fierce with muscles and brawn, shall pray for the day of the Guardians to dawn. For only through them will peace come at last. The Guardians united shall atone for your past. So protect and serve when once they appear, or be cursed to live forever in fear.”
“What foolishness is this? A warrior knows no fear. Be gone old woman.” The Warrior Prince walked to where his brother stood by their chosen mate.
The Priestess held up a dagger and sliced her palm so that her blood dripped upon the altar, “Marked with blood to seal the curse. You have sealed your own fate and that of all of your warriors, Prince. You will know no peace until they come. Remember my words and guard them well. For if one shall die all will be lost.” She looked to the woman they held between them and spoke with words they could not understand. At the woman’s nod the Priestess turned and left the room.
The Prince grabbed the woman by the shoulders and pulled her to him. “What is your name woman?”
“I am called Asme.”
“What did the old woman say to you?”
“She told me to remember the curse and prepare the way for the Guardians.”
The Prince threw his head back and laughed. “You will disregard that old woman’s words. There will be no curse.”
The woman just looked at him and said nothing. Grabbing her hand he pulled her out of the Temple of the Goddess and stood her between him and his brother to address the other women who were already being held by the warriors who had claimed them. Taking in the chaos of the courtyard, Asme called out in foreign words to the women. The Prince watched as her words seemed to calm the women who now had stopped fighting and stood docilely by their warrior mates.
“What did you say to them?”
Asme looked at the Prince with fire in her eyes before answering. “That we live by Warrior Law now.”
He didn’t believe that was what she had said but chose not to challenge her now. “Warriors! You may now mark your chosen mate.” With those words the Prince turned to Asme and knelt before her. His brother moved behind her and held her back to his chest taking her hands in his and crossing their arms over her chest. Asme stood tall and kept her eyes on the women in the courtyard sharing her strength with them. The Prince took a cylindrical weapon from his belt and placed it on her lower right abdomen. She felt a multitude of tiny stings where the laser marked her and then numbness took over. The mark was black against her pale flesh. “Women! You now bear the mark of your mates. You no longer serve the goddess. From this day forth you shall see to the needs of your warriors.”
A cry went up from all the warriors but the women remained quiet. For Asme had spoke to them of the curse and the coming of the Guardians. She would share with them in detail the words of the old Priestess, the words of her own mother. They would serve their warriors. But, more importantly they would prepare the way for the Guardians. Each woman would watch for the signs and prepare the way for those chosen. That was the command of the goddess. As the last direct descendant of the goddess it was up to Asme now to make sure that all was not lost.

I hope that you enjoyed that! This coming Friday, June 1 it will be available at

Lacey Thorn

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