Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lacey's next Release!

It is almost time for my next release to arrive at Ellora's Cave. Earth Moves, my first in my fantasy series Island Guardians, is set to release on June 1. I'm very excited about this series as it is a big departure from my Bare Love series. I'm going to share a look at the blurb for Earth Moves with you!

Earth Moves
Lacey Thorn

The Isle of Altair. A tiny island inhabited by women who worshipped and served the goddess. While disease devastated the world around them, they were safe and protected by the power of the Goddess of Altair. Then they came. The warriors who were searching for a new place to call home. They conquered and took control abolishing Goddess Law and replacing it with the Laws of the Warrior. Now a curse sits upon Altair – a curse of war and constant battle placed by the isle Priestess before she disappeared. Only the arrival of the Guardians can save them.

She is Erika and within her she has found the power of the earth, a power that she must hide from all those around her. For no warrior believes in the coming of the Guardians or in the curse. Erika is fast approaching her twenty first summer and that, according to Warrior Law, will proclaim her claimable. Any warrior brothers who wish to mate her can vie for her, but Erika knows exactly who she will belong to when that day comes. Galen and Arik Savari, the six-foot-eight-inch warrior brothers have always watched over her. She is as drawn to them as they are to her but she fears the joining and what it might bring to her both as a woman and a Guardian.

Please feel free to visit my website at to read an excerpt from this book. June 1 is only a few weeks away!

Lacey Thorn

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