Friday, August 31, 2007

And now for something completely different ...

For Monty Python fans the above line will bring back fond memories. One of my favourites is the Dead Parrot skit with John Cleese returning a dead parrot to the shop and Michael Palin insisting the parrot isn't dead, it's sleeping. Brilliant writing. Brilliant comedy. Brilliant actors.

Which brings me not to brilliant writing - I liked the last post about characters who muscle in on us when we're writing. Happens to all of us, but my blog today is about birds and other little creatures. I'm putting a question to you goddesses and the first one who sends me the correct answer will receive a prize. Not a huge prize. I haven't decided what it will be but it will be something relating to Vancouver Island.

Back to parrots and my question. Where is the World Famous Parrot refuge located? I put the question out on my blog but no one seems to read my blog. How do you lure readers to your blog? That's another question. No prize but send your answers anyway.

A writing comment. I've written 16,000 words of what I thought would be a straight forward romance set in Cornwall, England. However, it has changed its focus to dark and dangerous. Do any of you remember the film, The Manchurian Candidate? My book has taken on those kinds of overtones. Brain washing. Controlling another person. My heroine needs me!

Back to birds, etc. There were seven gold finches on our feeder this morning. Gold finches don't hang around Victoria during the summer. We observe them when they drop in to feed on their way north in the spring, and on their way south in the fall. I've done a lot of bird watching in my time especially when I lived in Toronto. It's on a huge migration corridor. We had large trees in our garden and it was a treat to identify the various warblers that came by.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Hear the drum rolls and the bagpipes skirling. My contemporary romance with a paranormal twist, ISABELLE'S DIARY, will be released on September 6th, that's next Wednesday. I still haven't managed to copy my book covers to this blog or my own blog. Sigh.

Can you believe it's the last day of August? Where has the summer gone? Sounds like a song or the title for a book. Must run. I have household tasks screaming for attention.


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Charlene Leatherman said...

I found a World Parrot Refuge in Coombs, British Columbia,Canada. Is that the one?

How do you attract readers to your blog?? Good question? I think Anny Cook and Janet Davis are the two best authors to ask that. Also check Charlee Boyette Campo's blog. She has a lot of followers.