Friday, August 3, 2007

Book on the Way

The book on the way is Isabelle's Diary, release date, September 6th. I have the cover and am still puzzling over how to send the cover to our blog. My helpful friend, Solveig, is out of town for a week so I'll await her return. Her magical touch will solve the mystery of transferring covers to blogs.

Sorry I'm so late blogging. It's 2.28 pm PCT. I've had one of those mornings when I hardly had time to catch my breath before before I had to go and do something else. However, here I am and right now I'm hoping to copy the Blurb for Isabelle's Diary to our blog. Don't hold your breath!

WHEE! It worked but the paragraphs haven't indented. If I touch it the whole thing it might disappear in a puff of smoke.

On a sunny June morning in Llandrindod Wells, Sally Carter stops for coffee at the Celtic CafĂ© and notices a beautiful young woman dressed in somber Victorian black sitting at a window table weeping over the pages of a diary. When the girl disappears without a trace and the waitress insists the table had been vacant all morning, Sally is compelled to discover the girl’s identity.

Unraveling the mystery leads Sally on a wild goose chase with the assistance of Dr. Dan Conway, a handsome Welsh history professor, but it’s not until she returns home to Toronto that the final pieces of the puzzle falls into place.

Even then the question lingers. Why was Sally the only person to see the girl?


That's the back cover blurb to interest readers in rushing to CP and purchasing my book. To this day Sally isn't sure whether she saw a ghost or it was a figment of her imagination. She's forty-two years old, divorced with two young adult children. She's been on a walking holiday in Wales when she stops at the cafe for coffee. A life changing event. One minute she was planning to explore the old spa town, the next minute she was chasing after the ghostly girl.
But the girl disappears.


Can ghosts appear in broad daylight in a sunlit cafe?

How did I come up with the idea for Isabelle's Diary? My husband and I were on a walking holiday in mid-Wales and stopped for coffee in a cafe in Llandrindod Wells. A young woman dressed in old fathioned black clothes sat at a window table drinking a Coke. She kept looking out the window as if expecting someone.

That was it. I imagined a girl dressed in black sitting at the window table weeping over the pages of a diary. She is a ghost - and my story kicked off from there.

Watch for Isabelle's Diary. The sequel, Isabelle's Story will be released on December 27th. It's the story of the girl who wrote the diary.

I loved writing both stories. I loved the mystery I created. But what the heck, I love all my stories that's the pleasure of being a writer.

Anita Birt

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