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Anticipation is supposed to make what we are waiting for all the better.

When we were kids and our parents told us we were going to "Disneyland" or whatever the special kids place was at the time, we would be all a-twitter with ANTICIPATION. We couldn't sleep. We didn't want to eat or do homework or even play. We wanted the promised trip.

As adults, maybe our anticipation was based on a wedding, a promotion, a new car, kids, all sort of things. But the ANTICIPATION thing was still desiring for the THING to be completed.

That is where I am right now. My novel Prophecy of Vithan released in August. Now I know there have been some sales. The people who bought the book have told me. But I am now in the thrall of ANTICIPATION waiting for the report that tells me how many books total I have sold.
You see, if I have sold a lot, then that means that people like my book. If I sold only a few, then that means I have a few friends that bought my book out of pity.

I really really want to know. Do people like my book?

For a taste, (and if you like what you read, you can be one of my fans by buying my book hint hint) Here is an excerpt:

"God, I want to." Len whispered. "I want to be inside of you so bad I can taste it. Not simply to take care of the erection they gave me, I want to make you completely mine. I want to be part of you. I want to know you so completely, I finish your sentences."
Morgan struggled to get loose. Len held her easily. She strained against his hands. He was much stronger than she realized. Morgan glared at Len. Her heart pounded wildly, with his body on top of her. Every inch of her body touched him. Morgan wanted Len inside of her. She wanted to pummel him. She wanted to hold him. Morgan wanted to strangle Len. She tried to get her legs free, to kick him. Len shifted. Pinning her with his legs holding hers. Len's desire touched Morgan. She shivered. She tried to raise her hips to him.
"If you want to, then why not? Why -" Tears of frustration, of hurt threatened to spill down Morgan's cheeks. "I don't understand."
Len leaned down, his lips brushed against Morgan's lips.
Len cursed. "I can't stay on top of you like this. I'll mess up for sure. I'm going to let you go. Beat the crap out of me. Maybe it will kill the need I have for you."
Len let go of Morgan's wrists. He rolled off her. He lay flat on the floor, his arm covering his eyes in a defeated, exhausted manner. He grimaced as his sore back touched the wood. Len inhaled deeply. Morgan sat. She watched Len use his breathing and a healing technique to relax his body.
He's using healing techniques he learned from my father? Could he have been the familiar presence I sensed in the throne room?
"Mess up? What are you talking about?" Morgan asked.
"Anthes called me. I got the same information from my father, although he didn't realize it. If I have sex with you before the eclipse and before you do your warrior thing, the world will end. My father wants me to gain my power and to nullify you. Beat me, or kill me. Kill me would be better. Put me out of my misery. I will not have sex with you." Len paused. "I want you so bad."
Morgan crawled over to Len. She looked at the cameras and wondered what the watchers thought.
Len peeked from under his arm and followed her gaze.
"They're off. I finally agreed to come in here if they gave us some privacy. That's when they stopped beating me. Nathe promised the cameras would be off. I figured the only way I could refuse to screw you would be if they didn't know."
"You would deny yourself to save people you don't know?" Morgan said softly. She reached out to touch Len. Morgan withdrew her hand.
"I know, it's not the Protector thing to do…"
"Len, look at me." Morgan looked at the man beside her. Len lowered his arm. He winced as his back complained. "I have never been with a man who would forsake sex for anything. You are willing to sacrifice your pleasure," Morgan looked at Len's bruised face, "And your health to help others. I think it is wonderful. It makes me love you all the more."
"Love me? Did you say you love me?" Len asked.
"Yes. I assumed you knew." Morgan said.
"Why would I know? Do you know I love you?"
"I hoped. Do you, because so far all you've talked about is lust."
"Weren't you listening? I said -" Len started.
"Enough talk." Morgan bent her head over Len. She started coaxing Len out of relaxation.
"Stop that!" Len pushed Morgan away from him. "Didn't you hear what I said? Did they drug you or something?"
"They did. Mine was a pill. I didn't take it." Morgan crawled back to Len. She let her training take over. She came forward like a wild cat, slinking lazily toward him. Her eyes devoured him. Her mouth opened slightly. She licked her lips, promising more.
Len sat and pushed himself away from her. "Will you stop? You're driving me crazy."
"Good. I want you crazy for me." Morgan got on her knees. She swayed her hips in a large circle, undulating in front of Len. She smiled a wicked little smile. Morgan raised her arms over her head, drawing her fingers over her arm until one hand reached for the ceiling, the other hand touching her shoulder. The hand on her shoulder continued its movement over her breast, pausing a moment. She circled her fingers lightly around the nipple, making it stand erect. She licked her lips, watching Len squirm.
Morgan dropped to all fours. She crawled over to Len. His back to the wall, his legs outstretched. She crawled over his legs, letting her breasts glide over his chest. Morgan came face to face with Len. She nibbled his neck. Her tongue flicked the outer edges of his ear. Len moaned. He inhaled raggedly trying to keep his composure.
Morgan put her mouth close to Len's ear. She blew gently. She knew the delicate hairs in Len's ear would respond to her breath by giving his shivers of delight. "Len," Morgan said with a husky whisper. "Anthes has the translation wrong. I don't have to be a virgin.

Charlene Leatherman, Prophecy of Vithan by Cerridwen Press,
released August 2, 2007
Defeating the villain, destroying the monster, delivering the hero, and never breaking a nail.

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