Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meet the hot, mysterious Noah Cantrell

He's the hero of my lates Ellora's Cave release, WHERE DANGER HIDES. Taylor Scott is trying to deal with her life being turned upside down when she meets a dark, mysterious strangeer and has the hottest ight of sex she's ever had. Three months later he walks nto ehr office, a representative of her late father and the only man who can help her navigate the world of high finance and international intrigue into which she's suddenly thrust. Will he be more of a threat to her than the danger lurking around every corner?

A commotion in the reception area broke her train of thought and drew her attention. She heard the voice of Sheila, the receptionist, raised in protest over something and the angrier male voice overriding her.
“You can’t go in there,” Sheila was saying as the door to Taylor’s office flew open.
“I’m in. Miss Scott can throw me out if she wants to.”
There he was, standing in front of her.
Him The Man.
She blinked hard, thinking for a moment she’d conjured up his image. But when she opened her eyes again he was still there. Alive. In her office. In full alpha mode. The man she’d never expected to see again. The man who’d taken her far beyond the boundaries set by her inhibitions and beckoned to her in her dreams each night.
He was even more impressive than she remembered, his presence filling her office and surrounding her. His custom suit and silk dress shirt—were they his uniform?—were window dressing for the barely leashed panther beneath the fabric of civilized clothing. Expensive hand-tooled leather boots on his feet. His hair tied back with a leather thong as before. His face still an unreadable mask. The sense of controlled power still there. A man larger than life. The panther was caged today but just barely. This might be her office but he was definitely the person in charge.
Even as embarrassment and anger warred within her, her nipples hardened, her breasts tingled and her panties dampened with moisture. She felt every bit of blood drain from her face and drop to her feet. Waves of hot and cold rolled through her and she was sure all the air had been sucked from her lungs. Gripping the arms of her desk chair for support she licked her lips, trying to moisten them.
Quick, lithe movements brought him to the front of her desk where he stood facing her, his face set, dark eyes probing hers. Eyes that for a brief second held a knowing look.
“Miss Scott?” Sheila’s worried voice cut through her fog. “Shall I call one of the partners?”
Taylor managed to find a functioning part of her brain. “No, thanks, Sheila. It’s all right.”
“Would you like me to send someone in to carry your boxes for you? Walk you down to the garage?” Sheila wasn’t quite ready to let go.
Taylor forced a smile. “No, I can manage. Thanks for your concern. And for all your good wishes today.”
Sheila gave her a last worried look before she closed the door.
His eyes burned into Taylor’s, mesmerizing her as they’d done that night in San Antonio.
What is he doing here?
As if he’d heard her, he reached into his inside jacket pocket, extracted a card from a small leather case and dropped it on top of the folder.
She picked it up with fingers that trembled and stared at it.
Noah Cantrell, Vice President of Security, Arroyo Corporation
Rage fired throughout her system, displacing the sexual hunger that threatened to explode the minute she saw him. She tossed the card back on the desk and curled her hands into fists. “You knew who I was all the time.”
He nodded, his face expressionless.
“You tracked me down at the hotel.”
Another nod.
Taylor wanted to pick something up and throw it at him but she refused to let him see how he affected her. A game. He’d been playing a game. What a fool she’d been. “Well. I’m sure I gave you an interesting story to take back to your employer.”
“I told him I’d checked you out and you didn’t seem like a hustler or scam artist.” His voice was flat, uninflected. “He knows nothing of what happened between us.”
“How very kind of you.” She was shaking inside, panic and desire clashing wildly. The only protective shield she has was the anger she needed to feed. She had to get him out of there.
His face was a mask of stoicism but his unfathomable eyes glittered. “What happened between us was private and personal. I wouldn’t discuss it with anyone.”
“I’ll just bet.” He was standing so close to her she could count his eyelashes.
“When I took you to bed I broke the trust of a man who was very good to me and who I respected—still respect—a great deal. I’ve been damned for it ever since. No matter how I try, I can’t get you out of my blood.”
She was staring at him, shocked by his words. Even in her most far-fetched dreams of him somehow finding her, she’d never expected the reality nor the harshness of the words he spat out. Before she could move his hands gripped her shoulders, he bent his head and pressed his mouth to hers in a blistering kiss. His tongue licked the seam of her lips, pressing, demanding she admit him. When she did he swept inside like a starving man seeking the last morsel of food. At length he released her, his eyes so heated she was sure his look alone would scorch her skin. Taylor stared at him, unable to move, her fingers touching her bruised lips, her body thrumming with desire.

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