Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Strong Characters and Their Authors

Writers. If we were not writing we may be called schizophrenic.

Writers, Authors of fiction, are continuously assaulted, approached, and visited by people from other times, other places, other worlds.

Take my friend Kelly for example. http://www.kkirch.blogspot.com/ She had a character - a potential character - called Seth visit her. He simply intruded. He made a pass at her and demanded that she put aside her other work and write his story.

My character Morgan Taj Zephyrain demanded that she be allowed to teach him a lesson. Well, I interpreted it she wanted to interview him. She has a mind of her own as well.

As I write this she is inviting him to a brawl.

So, as this interview went on - the author pulled the plug. Or maybe Seth did. He wants his own story, not a fight with some amazon woman.

So, my point? I read the definition of a writer once. It was this --

Someone who has voices constantly going in their heads. Someone who lives in this world but resides in hundreds maybe thousands of others. Someone who may be confused by trying to find the car keys, but who can carry tons of information and several conversations in their heads at a time. And to quote Amarinda Jones:

"Writers are scary arsed people. If they are sitting at a computer with a glazed look in their eyes, with half open junk food packets and smudged specs perched on their nose, back away slowly."AMARINDA JONEShttp://www.amarindajones.blogspot.com/


Amarinda Jones said...

I think Kelly Kirch will do very well with her original character of Seth. Well done to copyright Seth, Grasshopper...he certainly is wantable

Kelly Kirch said...

Thanks AJ.

Charlene. Morgan. Seth is off limits hon. And as a made up man of my imagining, he cannot force my hand to do anything I don't want it to do. I pulled the plug out of my concern of things like this blog cropping up, to change his personality. He's too laid back to demand anything. He just implies by force of presence.

Back away from the hero, C/M. You're making me nervous.