Thursday, August 2, 2007

Can you see me? I'm Dancing!

Can you see me? I'm drinking virtual champagne and eating virtual strawberries and dancing in the street.
My novel PROPHECY OF VITHAN is available to buy today. Yup, you can go to and buy Prophecy of Vithan.
Today I have chatted and interviewed and watched my my head spin around and around. All because my book is now on sale.
Can you tell I am jazzed?
Here’s a look at Prophecy of Vithan, my August 2 release from Cerridwen Press!

Morgan doesn’t have time for marriage. She has to rescue the prince and save the galaxy. Len, the man she was forced to marry and her attraction to him, simply gets in the way. Morgan has to put aside her distrust and convince Len to help her rescue the boy she loves as a son.

Lead into to excerpt: Rated PG - 13

"Going somewhere?" The man in white, Len Braxton, stood leaning against the door jam, arms crossed over his chest.
Morgan put her hand to her chest.
"Need alcohol." Morgan gasped. "Low blood alcohol level."
"Really? Hildai 37 zeta 845 beta delta 599 unit 2, what is Morgan's blood alcohol level?"
"I prefer Hildai, only. The rest is so pretentious." A mechanical voice said from inside Len's pocket.
"Answer the question, you annoying piece of junk."
"Ninety-eight percent."
"Does she need a drink?" Len asked.
"Only if she wants to forget you, you pompous ass." Hildai said. "Sorry, Morgan. He overwrote my programming."
"Where did you get her?" Morgan demanded.
"Your room. I met the technician there. Very clever getting him out of the way. I'm not clear how you shut down the shield without setting off the alarms."
"I know the codes." Morgan lied. "I'm an escaping Sonij slave. Quite a reward. Are you going to turn me in?"
"No. I'm not interested in rewards. Seems the Royals are having a dinner party tonight. Some bigwig coming and you're to be extra special pretty tonight.” Len looked Morgan up and down. For some reason, Morgan felt self-conscious in her jeans and leather jacket. “I came to escort you to the harem."
"Harem?" Morgan's throat constricted. She tried to keep the alarm out of her voice. She failed.
"Is this fear I see on your face? I thought all female Sonij slaves are comfortable in brothels or harems." Len said sarcastically.
Morgan swung at Len. He stepped out of reach and held his hands in surrender.
"I'm not fighting with you again. I have several badly bruised ribs to mend before I do. If you get nasty, I'll simply put you out." Len pulled a phaser from his pocket.
Morgan shrugged. "Get the med-tech to heal you. You have your disk, don't you?"
"The ribs will heal on their own. Besides, I don't have a disk."
"A Protector without a disk?" Morgan shook head in disbelief. "Tell you what. I'll be good. But,"
"OK," Len interrupted. "Let's go to the harem."
"But," Morgan continued, "First I want to check on Khai. I'm concerned about him."
"No. You were accused of trying to kill him."
"I was exonerated." Morgan said firmly.
"The answer is no. Let's go to the harem." Len said. He waved the phaser in the direction he wanted Morgan to go.
Morgan raised her fists. "Do you know anything about Sonij physiology? We are a strong race. Phaser shot does not affect us as it does others." Morgan lied. "When I reach you, I’ll hammer your ribs. I don't know much about human anatomy. Do the ribs house anything vital?"
"Okay, you win, but I stay with you and the boy at all times." Len agreed.
Morgan lowered her hands. "Call him and ask him to meet me in the armory workout area. I promised him a lesson."
"Call him? Why should I call him? You're linked to him."
"Only in emergencies." Morgan lied. She did not want this man to know she could not touch Khai's mind. "I prefer to give him his privacy."
"Cat told me she interrogated you. Any residual effects, like being unable to link with Khai?" Len asked.
"Unlike you Protectors, I will not invade someone's privacy."
Len looked at Morgan. She couldn't tell if he believed her or not.
"Back against the wall." Len motioned with the phaser. "I want to check for weapons."
"You know I don't have any weapons on me. You searched me before you put me in here."
Len motioned with the phaser again. Morgan sighed. She backed away from the Protector. She put her hands behind her head and spread her legs, her back against the wall. Len pocketed the phaser. He walked to Morgan. He put his hand behind her neck, searching for a knife. Morgan breath came a little quicker. Len stood slightly taller than she did. She could smell the cologne he wore. Len stood close enough for his cheek to brush hers. Morgan closed her eyes to keep from going cross-eyed. Fantasy images of her and Len drifted in her mind. Len edged himself between her legs, forcing her feet wider. Morgan, startled, opened her eyes. The Protector pinned her against the wall, holding her wrists against the back of her neck.
Len leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Hard. Morgan struggled to get loose. Len tightened his grip on her arms. He kissed her again. Morgan's knees weakened after the second kiss. She wanted to wrap her arms around Len and keep him there. She felt desire rising in her. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Her mind swirled with emotion.
With his other hand, Len slipped a black collar around her throat. The collar snapped on.
Rage curled in Morgan's mind, pushing every other emotion. She wanted to scream. She let herself be caught by the mind control of a Protector, so he could put a slave collar on her. Morgan glared at Len.
Morgan saw the look in his eyes. The kiss affected him, too. Len looked visibly shaken. He swallowed and composed himself.
She shut off her emotions. She willed her eyes to blank. He's a Protector, she reminded herself. She wanted nothing to do with Protectors, especially this Protector. Her only concern must be Khai. She needed to talk to him. The broadsword lesson would be good cover.
Gaining control, Len grinned lewdly. He released Morgan and stepped out of punching and kicking range.
"I'm a slave." Morgan said, irritated with the man. "You're a freeman. You could have told me to put on the collar. You could have ordered me to kiss you, or fuck you. Was the kiss enough? Do you want to have sex? You can have me before the guest arrives. I am a Sonij slave. I am used to brothels and harems. Isn't that what you said? Well, Protector, do you want to fuck before I check on Khai, before I'm ordered to pleasure the guests?"
"Knock it off." Len said, angrily, coloring with embarrassment.

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Charlene Leatherman, Prophecy of Vithan by Cerridwen Press, released August 2, 2007Defeating the villain, destroying the monster, delivering the hero, and never breaking a nail

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