Monday, June 2, 2008

The coast of Maine is great for sex

I grew up in Bangor, Maine, one of the states three largest cities, forty miles inland from the coast. Both as a child and a teenager and even into my college eyars we used to go to Bar Harbor and Boothbay Harbor and Searsport and a ot o tiny towns whose names you woulsdn't even recognize. The oean was grat for swimming, even when it was cold, but the best part was the very old homes where you could rent rooms and the litle isolated coves where the waves had carved places out of the cliffs. The memeories have always stay with me, of those paces as well as the little towns hat tourists flood from memorial Day to Labor Day. By October the crowds are thinning out and that's the best time if you want to get away from it all. I took all those memeories-as well as my greatest love from my college years-and used them as the basis for Desiree Holt's latest, EMERALD GREEN, just out from Ellora's Cave.

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Meredith Kincaid wouldn’t be at her grandmother’s bed & breakfast in Maine in October instead of enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean if she hadn’t discovered her fiancĂ© in bed with two of her bridesmaids before the wedding. Tired of seeing her hiding away, her grandmother sends her off to the village for the afternoon. In the village candy cum jewelry store, she meets a handsome stranger who buys her an emerald pendant and offers to share his fudge with her. Mesmerized by his sensual good looks, she agrees to take a ride along the coast with him. Before she can blink her eyes, she is naked on a private, secluded beach, and the mouth-watering stranger is coaxing her into sexual situations that both startle her and bring her more fulfillment than she’s ever had. The afternoon is an initiation into the pleasures of the flesh, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. When Meredith wakes up at her grandmother’s, she wonders if the afternoon really happy or did she just dream it? But life is about to hand Meredith another surprise, one which will open yet more doors to her own sexuality.
“That looks like it belongs on you.” The voice was deep and warm like honey.
Meredith turned her head and found herself pressed full length against the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. Dark hair brushed the collar of his shirt and thick lashes framed whiskey-colored eyes. His tanned face, more rugged than handsome, had deep grooves etched into the sharp planes and a sharp scent drifted past her nose. Pulses throbbed instantly in her breasts and her cunt.
“Oh!” Her breath felt rapped in her lungs. “Thank you.”
She tried to move slightly away but his body enveloped her, keeping her in place. She knew she should feel threatened but instead she only felt turned on. The heat from his body was like a cloud of air around her and she could feel the thickness of his cock just touching her buttocks.
He must have gestured to a sales clerk, because in a moment the case was unlocked and the pendant lay displayed in its glory on the counter.
“Allow me.” He lifted it with long, slender fingers and fastened it around her neck.
As his hands fell away they brushed across her breasts, so briefly she wondered if in fact she’d imagined it. His fingertips lifted her chin and moved her head so she was looking into the mirror on the counter. The pendant glowed as if it was alive.
“I knew it,” he said, his hands resting on her shoulders. “It matches your eyes perfectly.” He bent his head so his lips were almost touching her ear. “Do you know in ancient times emeralds were coveted for their magical powers? They were believed to heighten sexual desire in women.”
Liquid dampened her panties and her nipples tightened. What was she doing here with this stranger, his voice slowly seducing her? She touched the little tree, running her fingertips over the miniscule stones, hardly aware that he was paying the clerk. Her eyes widened as he pocketed the receipt.
“I can’t let you buy this for me. It’s way too expensive. I don’t even know your name.”
The smile undid her again.


Regina Carlysle said...

This story sounds soooo good. Maybe YUMMY is a better word. I'd love to visit Maine someday. Sounds just beautiful.

Sierra Dafoe said...

I have to second that, Judith, knowing that part of the world VERY well. Congrats on Desiree's latest and YUM that was a nice excerpt!!

-- Sierra