Friday, June 27, 2008


There it is. The cover for my romantic suspense. The book begins with a bang, so to speak. Gun shots crashing through the window of the baby's nursery. Shards of glass flying everywhere. Ellie Paxton, my heroine, accepted the position as a nanny for a three month old baby boy. Her employer also hired her for her computer skills.

A perfect setting in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. Ellie thought of herself as a kind of Julie Andrews characater in the Sound of Music. Singing in the mountains. Breathing fresh air. Away from the shops in Seattle where she racked up charges on her credit cards until she had to do something. Like take a job way out in the country. What could be more perfect?

The gods laugh when people make plans and they must have been rolling around laughing at what happened to Ellie. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want to read an excerpt, have a look at my web site, for information about me and my other books published by Cerridwen Press.

Too Young To Die has had excellent reviews. And the hero? Brave. Intelligent. Handsome. And sigh - is a wonderful lover.

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