Thursday, June 5, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed now in print!

If you prefer your stories in print - Satisfaction Guaranteed is now in paperback from Cerridwen Press.

What's it about?

Workaholic, accountant Elizabeth Sewell needs a man. According to her well-laid-out life plan, it’s time to find Mr. Right and move on to the next phase of her life--married with children. The problem is, she’s been so busy working her way up the career ladder, she won’t spot Mr. Right even if he’s carrying a neon sign. So, being an organized businesswoman, she comes up with a strategy. She’ll hire a man to teach her what she needs to know to get what she wants.

Disillusioned, attorney Jack Harley needs a distraction. He’s left behind a high-pressure job with a prestigious law firm in Houston, and he’s determined to get his life back on track by opening a private practice in Dallas. When a sexy brunette mistakes his new office for the recently relocated escort service, he’s stunned silent by her request for ‘a variety of men and experiences’. But when she asks him if he’s man enough to uncover what turns her on, he finds his voice in time to accept the challenge.

What do the reviewers have to say?
"...sure to satisfy with this sexually unsure heroine and the man who wants to meet her needs both in and out of the bedroom.

"...when Jack and Elizabeth finally get under the sheets, their lovemaking is explosive and intimate. For a guaranteed sexy romance, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is one I would recommend you pick up."

Reviewer, Romance Junkies

"Ms. Isabelle Drake has written a wonderfully upbeat story which was detailed with various sub-plots to enhance the storyline. Her characters were so well created and enjoined that the book flowed brilliantly. Her supporting cast emerged to boost this unique plot. The work and family situations made this a work which expressed alternate activity so that there was great dimension in the book.

"I highly recommend this book to all who like to experience real-life people with a strong attraction which has some great ups and downs. It is a good book which I think you will certainly enjoy and remember for some time to come."

--Brenda Talley
Reviewer, The Romance Studio

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