Monday, June 9, 2008

Want to take a delicious Night Ride?

Have you ever had a secret klover? Wished for one? Dreamed of one? Lily Ryan was tantalized by hers, wondering just who he could be. He'd been leaving a flower every day for the past month on her desk in her small office at Hellfire Ranch. Just one single lily. No name, no card. Any one of the cowboys working the ranch could have left it. Or could it be the man she’d lost her heart to? And now he'd left an invitation for a night of erotic adventure. Could she accept an offer of forbidden pleasure from a total stranger when her heart belongs to another? Could she take a chance that this Night Ride might lead to everything she desires? Or would she be stepping into a danger greater than she’s ever known?


At exactly nine o’clock the doorbell rang.
When Lily opened the door she almost closed it
again. A very pleasant but nondescript man in dark jacket and cowboy hat stood on her porch. No one she’d ever seen before. In his hands, he held a large rectangular box.
For a moment she was filled with disappointment. Not at all the man she’d been hoping to see. Not the lover she longed for. But then he spoke, and she realized he was merely the driver.
“Miss Ryan?”
She nodded. “I’m Lily Ryan.”
He handed her the box. “From your date for the evening. I’ve been instructed to wait for you.” Then he turned and headed back to the car.
All right, then.
A folded note was taped to the top of the box.
You have haunted my dreams for a very long time. Working, riding a horse, doing your errands in town—all the different parts of Lily invade my thoughts day and night. Thank you for accepting my invitation tonight. You won’t be sorry. I promise. Please follow the instructions and don’t be afraid. I would never, ever hurt you.
She opened the box with hands that trembled slightly. Another note lay on top of the tissue paper.
Please put on this dress and the earrings. No underwear. And wear your boots. Do not be frightened when the driver blindfolds you. I repeat: I promise no harm will come to you. You can trust me. Hurry. You don’t want to be late for the ride of your life.
Hurry? No underwear? And a blindfold? For a moment she was tempted to send the driver on his way.
But she so wanted it to be him. She trusted him. For him she’d take the chance.
Then her sensible brain warned, What

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