Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Excerpt of WIP Vials of Aquilonia

Vials of Aquilonia is my currrent work in progress. It is about a mermaid and a sailor. To set up this excerpt a bit. The sailor found the mermaid in a marketplace in a tank of rancid water.The mermaid has been changed into a human woman. She no longer has a tail.

This except is unedited.

Jaden spewed a chain of expletives as she rubbed her hip. Using the staff she was practicing with to push up, Jaden got up off the floor. She looked at the synthetic wood planking. She half-expected to see a dent considering how many times she had fallen.
“That must hurt,” Khai said from the doorway.
“It does. It hurt every time I did it. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I am quite capable as a warrior underwater. Now, with two legs, I am useless.”
“Not useless from where I can see,” Khai said smiling at his wife.
“What does that look mean?”
“What look?”
“Your eyes are smoky and I feel as though I should be embarrassed, but I don’t know why.”
“Probably because I am imagining you without clothes, the way you were when I pulled you out of the tank. Glistening, radiant, all curves and so beautiful you took my breath away.”
“That was the rancid water that took your breath away,” Jaden said smiling. She lowered her eyes to her clothes. Morgan gave her a trim fitting flight suit. It fit over her legs and hips smoothly. The front closure lay flat over her muscled stomach and cupped her breasts comfortably. She had the neckline opened to the place between her breasts. Even with long sleeves she was not too warm. According to the Regent the suit was made to accommodate the body with an optimum temperature. She had set the gauges for Jaden to a lower than normal human setting since she was used to being in cold water.
“Am I ugly in these clothes? Is that why you are imagining me out of them?”
“Ugly? No, not at all,” Khai took the two steps to clear the space from the doorway to Jaden. He took her in his arms, pulling her tight to his chest. “You are magnificent.”

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