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Maggie's Menage

My second book out with Total E Bound Publishing just released in May as part of the Brit Party Anthology. It is titled Maggie’s Ménage and is loosely tied into The Debtor’s Daughters series. I love this story and it has already received a great review! I hope that all of you agree! And the good news is that it is part of an anthology that is filled with scorching hot reads by sensational authors. So be sure to pick up your copy today. Here’s your look at my contribution to this exciting anthology.

Maggie’s Menage
By Lacey Thorn

Maggie had spent a lifetime trying to win the love and affection of her father, but nothing seemed to work. Now he was asking her to seduce and marry one of two men that he had selected for her…for the good of the family name and company. But Maggie has other plans. Plans that will leave both men thinking of her as something other than a wife. And her father’s plans for marriage in ashes.
Alex and Patrick were there to investigate Dom Houston and through the carelessness of his assistant managed to get in to see the man himself. But it was the blonde haired beauty that commanded their attention from the get go. And when she arrived at their hotel room later in the day, neither was willing to walk away. If Maggie wanted a ménage then they were more than willing to give it to her.
But for two of them it would be more than they could have ever imagined.

Adult Excerpt:
Resolve filled her, giving her the courage to walk up to the door the two men had entered more than an hour before. An hour she had spent sitting in the car watching. It was now or never. Maggie took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock, but she didn’t need to. The door opened and the taller, leaner of the two men stood before her in nothing but a pair of jeans which rode low on his hips. His chest was covered with a smattering of dark hair that encircled each nipple and trailed down over his abdomen disappearing into his waistband. He was sexy enough to have her mouth and more intimate places filling with fluid. But when he parted his lips and spoke in a husky British accent she could actually feel herself melting like butter.
“We were wondering how long it would take you to head this way love.” His voice slipped down her spine leaving a fiery warmth coursing through her. She was more than ready for her plan, more than ready to do anything he asked of her.
“You knew I was here?” It was a whisper, all she could manage with her heart galloping in her chest.
“We’ve been watching you since you arrived.” It was the other who spoke this time and he had the sweet southern tones of a Texas man. You could hear the “aw, shucks” in his voice and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that these two must work well together. What one couldn’t get the other would definitely be able to. He was still dressed in the suit from earlier and looked just as heavenly now. Though he was a few inches shorter than the other man he was more muscular and filled the suit out like it was custom made for him. If he moved in the same circles as her father then it probably was.
Thinking about her father was enough of a jolt to snap her out of the lust induced haze and remember that she was there for a reason. A reason that would take care of her itch just fine. Maggie casually moved around the man in front of her entering the motel room as if they had invited her in. She focused on the more dressed of the two and said the first thing that popped into her mind, a habit that she really needed to work on.
“So you like to watch, do you?”
Husky laughter filled the room as both men found her comment amusing. Her own smile trembled on her lips when she heard the door snap shut behind her and the click of the lock being turned.
“Watching is fine,” Mr. Brit said as he moved up close behind her. “But participating is even better.” His hands cupped over her shoulders and as he moved closer into her, there was no mistaking the heavy length of his erection where it touched along her spine.
“Both of you?” It was a question, an invitation, a wish, uttered from her lips as she did all she could to keep from rubbing wantonly back against him.
“Both of us,” South Texas said. He stepped in front of her and when all she did was blink at him he reached out and began to slowly unbutton the top buttons on her shirt. “You want both of us don’t you? Isn’t that why you came?”
“Yes,” she murmured as he changed the angle of his head to place kisses along each inch of exposed flesh. “Oh, God, yes.”

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced.

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