Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I am sneaking in a blog to see if this will go to the goddess blog. For reasons known only to the Blog gods, my last goddess post went to This blogspot turned up on its own. I didn't request it and it has totally screwed up all of my last week's blog on my personal blog.

Each day last week I blogged about my five books with CP with a snippet from the first chapters. Titled, Back To the Beginning, Blogs, I, II and III were okay but the last two IV V went to that new blog along with my brilliant goddess blog. I titled it, My not-so-famous writing career. If you are madly interested in reading it, check the new address above.

The trials and tribulations of working in cyber space.

I wish you a pleasant Father's Day. Our son, Martin, phoned from Toronto and our grandson, Fraser, phoned from London, England, to wish Bill a happy day. I am making his favourite dinner, back pork ibs baked in a barbeque type sauce. I don't barbeque, I do them in the oven. I guess barbeque should be spelled barbecue or BBQ. It's the Canadian in me, I guess. We mix up French and English in our various spellings.

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Charlene Leatherman said...

Of course there is the Texas version, Bar-B-Q. Have a wonderful day.