Friday, June 13, 2008

No. No. I'm not guilty

Goddesses. I wrote a blog. I really did. I put up all my covers. I wrote interesting things. And guess what. I wrote it on my own blog.Tears are streaming down my guilty face. Please go to my blog and read it.

How can I make amends? Don't ask me to run into the garden and eat worms. I can't touch a worm. It's a phobia from my childhood. When I was a little girl (my mother told me this) I was out playing on our front lawn. It was summertime and I had on a sun dress. A neighbor boy came by and dropped a big earth warm down my neck. That did it. Not only am I phobic about worms, I'm not crazy about snakes either. We sometimes have grass snakes around the garden but they retreat when they hear me coming.

I pick up frogs and toads. Not adults, little baby frogs and toads.There was a story in the paper recently about a dog in Australia who accidentally swallowed one of their ghastly cane toads. The dog owner rushed the dog to the vet where they induced vomiting. At the second vomit, out popped the cane toad and hopped away unperturbed. Cane toads are poisonous so the dog was in grave danger. Now aren't you tickled pink I told you about the dog and the cane toad?

Please read my goddess blog on my blog because I suggested we goddesses get together and create a super blog that will be picked up by some big publisher and we'll all get rich.

It's Friday the Thirteenth! That's why I blogged on the wrong blog.


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