Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rainy days and Tuesdays...

Sitting here staring out the window at the rain and wondering why the words don't want to come--not for the blog, not for my WIP. So how about a little rainy-day romance? Here's a sneak peek at an unedited excerpt from "Heart of the Bear," coming July 7, from Total-E Bound.

WARNING--this excerpt contains sexually explicit material.

I awoke with my cheek pressed against something warm and fuzzy. It felt nice, so I snuggled into it. I was shivering like crazy and none of my limbs seemed to be working, but I could tell I was moving. After a second, the fog cleared and I realized I was being carried. The pleasant warmth came from a broad and hairy male chest.

By the time my eyes opened, we were up the wooden steps and at the cabin door. I’d like to think it was common sense that kept me from fighting him when I realized I was being carried back to shelter by the same naked man I’d run from in the first place. I could even blame my psychometry, since I got no sense of threat emanating from the places where we touched—just warmth and security. To be honest, though, I think I just held on because he felt and smelled incredible. My body simply overruled my fear.

Once inside, he set me down in front of the fireplace. My legs wobbled a little, but without too much help from his strong arms, they managed to hold me upright. I looked up at his ruggedly handsome face. High cheekbones and strong chin were framed by medium brown hair that was sun-bleached or frosted at the ends, and fell in sort of a straight shag cut. His eyes were a deep rich brown.

“Wh-wh-who are y-you?” I spoke through chattering teeth.

“My name is Evan Maddox.” His voice was a deep bass rumble as his big hands moved to the zipper of my jacket and began to peel off layers of wet clothing. “Anything else you want to know, I’ll tell you after we get you warm.”

Even to my fuddled brain, that made sense. I lifted my arms over my head to allow him to pull off my hoodie and the soaked t-shirt under it.

Had I imagined the little groan I thought I heard? I looked down to where his hands were undoing my jeans and realized two things. One, he was built like a god, and two, he was thoroughly aroused. His thick cock jutted long and hard from its nest of silver-tipped brown hair to brush against my stomach. My mouth went dry and it was all I could do to resist the urge to see how far I could wrap my fingers around him.

My panties had been the one garment not soaked by the rain, but now even they were wet. This time it was me who groaned as he pushed the scrap of lace down along with my jeans and bent to unlace my hiking boots. The movement put his head on a level with my now aching pussy. He inhaled deeply then bit his full lower lip and got back to work undressing me.

“Lift.” He pulled off one boot and sock when I obediently raised my foot. A few seconds later he did the same with the other foot, then tugged my jeans and panties away as well.

Now what? We were both naked, both obviously interested. Again, I got very little from him in the way of psychic sensation, but what I did get was admiration and desire. My rock-hard nipples might be attributed to the cold, but I could smell my own musk as more moisture seeped from my slit.

Evan grabbed an old Navajo blanket from the back of the ancient sofa and wrapped it around both of us like a cocoon. Before he pulled it tight, he made sure my waist-length wet hair was outside the blanket and he combed his fingers through the tangled black mess, fluffing it to help it dry.

Somewhere along the way, he manoeuvred us closer to the crackling fire and drew me with him down to the braided wool rug. Then he tucked the ends of the blanket under us and held me close.

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Charlene Leatherman said...

My day wasn't rainy, it was hot. Now it is steamy. (fanning self) July 7th? Its going to a long wait.