Friday, June 20, 2008

My so-called-writing career

It is late to be blogging but it is my Friday and to stay a current goddess I shall write a bit of this and that. We spent two days in Sidney, BC, in a lovely hotel. It's not far from Victoria and I certainly enjoy not having to plan and prepare our meals, shop, etc. etc. Typical female work. I didn't take my laptop.

About my writing career. I have five books with Cerridwen Press. Not doing great more like creeping along month by month. I asked Raelene about print possiblities - seems there is no possibility at all for any of my books. That really dashed my hopes to have at least my first book in print. A Very Difficult Man, is a historical romance, circa 1854, and was released on February 1, 2007. How are the rest of you faring? I believed, wrongly, that one of my books would be released in print. I don't know where I got that idea but it has certainly made me think about my future with CP. E-books do not do well in Canada since e-readers are not available here.
And to add to my litany of woes, I can't download the cover of my book. There's a gremlin at work and ... oh never mind. Goddesses are not supposed to whine so I shall end on a happy note.

The weather is to be warm and sunny for the next week. I shall work on my WIP, a historical romance, and figure out where to send it when it's wrapped up and in perfect shape.


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