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Bare Devotion

Friday I celebrated the release of my latest Bare Love book, Bare Devotion. This one is my favorite of the series so far. I fell hard for both of my characters and it felt good to tell Catherine's story and show a different side of Griff. I think that fans will still love him while realizing that he is more than he seems. So today I'm going to share the blurb and an excerpt with you from this new release.

Bare Devotion
Lacey Thorn

Bare Love 4

Ally wants one thing, to stop the man who killed her mother from killing anyone else. What she finds is more than she ever imagined. Blake, the fire marshal in Legacy, has finally met his match in the woman he mistakes for a pyro-maniac. But the fire they ignite together is sure to burn them both in the flames of passion.
Catherine Daniels is fighting flames of her own. The time has come for her to decide what she wants...Life with the man she is coming to love? Or letting him walk away because of her fears and uncertainties? It is a decision that she struggles with every moment…Until the night she may lose the ability to choose at all.

Shep was already at the door. “You need any help?” he asked Blake with a devilish grin that threw Ally for a loop. This man was big, as tall as Blake. But this one was a blond Viking in modern clothes. She could easily imagine him plundering and conquering her in every way imaginable. She must have made some small sound because his feral gaze hooked on her and there was no mistaking the lust in his eyes. His glaze flicked down to her breasts and she could feel her nipples hardening further and poking out of the material. He grinned in triumph and Blake glanced down at her turgid nipples then. Ally refused to acknowledge her body’s response and just stood there letting them look.
Blake pushed her gently out the door in front of him. As she brushed past the Viking she swore she felt him brush a finger across her nipple.
“Not yet,” she heard Blake tell the other man. “Tonight’s mine Shep.”
So that was his name. Shep. But what did Blake mean not yet? And did he mean what she thought he meant? She felt the moisture in her pussy and hoped she didn’t soak the jeans as panties were something else she wasn’t wearing. She just didn’t feel comfortable borrowing such intimate apparel from a stranger. And cousin’s wife or not Katie was still a stranger.
Ally snapped out of her thoughts when Blake grabbed her hand and led her to his truck opening the passenger door and boosting her up inside. She watched as he shut the door and moved around to the driver’s side and hopped, in firing the truck up as he slammed his door and belted in.
Ally remained quiet as he drove back the way they had come. This time she took in the scenery around her looking at the town called Legacy as they drove through it. It took her a minute to realize that they were headed on another road out of town and not toward the fire charred home where her car was parked around the corner. She glanced over at Blake.
“Where are you taking me?” she asked though she felt sure she already knew.
“To my place,” Blake stated glancing casually over at her. “Any objections?”
Ally shook her head slowly back and forth. No she had no objections to what was coming.
“You know that I’m going to fuck you,” Blake said bluntly so there were no surprises when he got her to his house. “We may not make it past the front door the first time. I want you that badly Ally.”
Her eyes were wide not with fear but with a raging lust of her own. “I want you too,” she admitted in a husky whisper.
“Have you ever been with a man before Ally?” Blake asked. “’Cause I don’t know that I can be gentle with you right now. The need is too strong.”
Ally thought of the two men she had slept with in her life. They both seemed like boys when compared to the man sitting across the truck cab from her. “I’m not a virgin,” she told him. No need to tell him that it had been at least five years since she had engaged in sex with a man.
“Good,” Blake replied as he pulled into a driveway and hit the remote for his garage.
Ally briefly glimpsed the brick one-story home before he enclosed them in the garage. The truck turned off and he turned to her releasing first his seatbelt and then hers. His eyes were hot and dark with need and she could tell that the lust was riding him hard.
“You have ten seconds to get out of the truck and head into the house Ally,” he told her his voice rough. He nodded toward the door that must lead into the house. “That’s about as long as I’ll make it. Ten seconds Ally. Then I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy till you scream.”
Ally gulped, reached for the door handle flinging it open and giving it a shove to close it as she bolted for the door.

Feel like a little devotion now? LOL

Lacey Thorn
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