Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still no website!


I thought by now I could ask you to check out my website, but alas, it is still not live. My web designer and I finally finished all the necessary info and appearance, I gave him my GoDaddy account information, and I thought we were all ready to go. Then I find out that I bought the wrong kind of GoDaddy account! SHEESH! So I will spend my lunch hour today trying to straighten that out.

Can you tell that I am of the "old school"? I am so ignorant about all this new fangled stuff like websites, MySpace, YouTube, etc. So, that brings up the big question -- why did I go with an e-book publisher?

The answer is simple -- I truly believe it is the future. Although a lot of people still prefer to have an actual book in their hands -- I am one of them! -- many young people today are so used to reading and working on the computer that they would prefer that method. And since I am a fanatical recycler and tree-hugger, it will save a lot of paper. My day job is in the legal profession and although they too are starting to do more court filings via digital methods, we still kill a lot of trees. That movie, The Paper Chase, is true, but in a different sense of the term.

So, here I am -- a child of the 60's -- trying to learn all this new technology. Bear with me and we'll see if you CAN teach this old dog some new tricks.

See you next Wednesday, when I HOPE you can see my new website!
Kate Poole

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