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Faithful Beginnings

My most recent release was with Total E Bound pulishing and starts a brand new series for me. This is the Debtor's Daughters series and I am really enthusiastic about it. I'm hoping that those who enjoy my contemporary Bare Love series with Ellora's Cave will give this one a chance as well. Faithful Beginnings tells the story of the first daughter and how she escapes what her father has planned for her. Plus you get a look at her father and the question of whether he is good or bad. Sometimes life deals us complications and we have to deal with them as best we can in the moment and pray that help comes when we need it most. So here's your look at Faithful Beginnings by Lacey Thorn. I hope that you enjoy it.

The blurb: Faithful Beginnings
By Lacey Thorn

Faith has spent her life since the age of nine playing the role of mother to her four younger sisters. Now as her twenty first birthday approaches she knows that all of that is about to change. Her father never wanted girls and when her mother died during the birth of yet another daughter, he made a vow. If he had to have daughters then he would use them to get what he wanted most…sons. So on their twenty first birthdays they are to be married off to the man of his choice, whether they like it or not.
But Faith has bigger dreams than spending her life living in the small town community that sees nothing wrong with her father’s dictates. So leaving her sisters behind, she heads down the road, for once more afraid to stay than to face the unknown.
When a thunderstorm sends her into the woods outside town looking for shelter she finds herself in the arms of Jake Daniels. She’s seen him in town a time or two but never really spoken with him. But Jake has been waiting to get her out from under her father’s eyes for years and he is determined to use this chance to show her just how good things could be between them. With a little faith, they can both have everything they want.

Excerpt: Jake Daniels stood in the shadows at the back of the cabin, partially hidden by the armoire that stood next to the office he had just finished working in. He had requested this cabin specifically for the office. He loved the way that the door blended into the wall. If you didn’t know that it was there then you wouldn’t even see it. He’d never been so happy about that before today.
He’d had to blink his eyes several times to make sure that he wasn’t imagining the blonde haired beauty that walked into the cabin. He knew from the immediate hardening of his dick that it was none other than little Faith Coulter. He’d been coming here for years just to get a glimpse of her, which was all that her father allowed. He could understand. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and Jake had seen plenty of women during his travels. But Faith was definitely one of a kind. She was a small woman, standing only five foot one or two, making her at least a foot shorter than his six foot two inch frame. But she had lush curves in all the right places, long blonde curls that swung most often in a ponytail that hung to her perfectly rounded bottom. It was her eyes that got him most. She had the biggest, deepest green eyes he had ever seen. Eyes filled with secrets, fears and, he was damn sure, passion. She was just waiting for the right man to initiate her and Jake had long ago planned to make sure that he was that man. Hell, that was why he was here now.
He had heard through his contact in town that she was to be married soon and that was one thing that he wouldn’t let happen unless he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was what she wanted. Then he had met her fiancĂ©, a man old enough to be her father. The very thought of such a man touching her face, much less her body had set his gut to churning in anger. He almost laughed at the way that fate sometimes delivered what you desired most into your hands.
He had been in the office for the last few hours trying to figure out how to put a plan into motion to kidnap Faith before her wedding. Now he didn’t have to. No, the woman who was constantly on his mind had delivered herself right into his hands. And if his ears didn’t deceive him she was naked in the shower at this moment. He groaned and ran a hand along the rigid length of his denim covered cock. He had exactly one night to convince her that he was the man for her. One night to make sure that she was willing to leave this small town behind and explore the world with him on his boat. All he needed was a little faith. Then nothing else would ever do.
He crept stealthily on bare feet to the door of the bathroom and managed to snag her wet clothes without alerting her to his presence. He took them and her backpack into the office for safe keeping. He didn’t plan on her wearing anything but him for the next few hours. He couldn’t resist the impulse to raise her damp panties to his nose and inhale the scent of her sex. A groan tore from his throat though he tried hard to stifle it. She smelled sweet and hot, like warmed syrup on a cold morning. He planned to sate his hunger for her by eating that tasty pussy until she begged for him to stop. Then he would fuck her until they both screamed from the pleasure. By the time he was done with her she would be more than willing to follow him anywhere. Lord knew he already felt that way about her.
He placed the panties on the top of her pile of clothes and slipped back out of the office making sure to close the door behind him. She’d never find it, or her clothes, until he was ready for her to. The shower was still running and he smiled at how good she would look naked and dripping with water. He’d waited a long time to have his way with Faith and if he was lucky she’d have her way with him as well. If they were both lucky tonight would be only the beginning of the rest of their lives.
He moved one of the chairs from the dining table to the darkest part of the room, blocking the front door and leaving her no where to go but where he wanted her most, the bed. Any minute now his lush angel would walk out that door wondering where her clothes were. And then she’d be his.

I'll be posting an excerpt of Friday's new release with Ellora's Cave next Sunday! It is the newest Bare Love book and I hope that you enjoy it.

Lacey Thorn

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