Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loving an Irishman! Got one?

I am born American, but a German-English girl by blood. Then, I married an Irishman.
Similarities are few.
We like beer, his dark, mine not so.
We like potatoes, his boiled, mine baked.
We like talkative, fun people.
Over the many years we've been married, our tastes have blended. As you would expect.
But some things never change.
He's very Ein-Zwei, Ein-Zwei. How did that happen?
Me? I am creative. Loose.
He gets things DONE.
I push them the spirit moves me.
I love him MADLY.
Do you have an Irish man in the house?
How's yours??????
Lovable, I bet!
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Unknown said...

I have an irishman in the house and I love him dearly! lol
He's very talkative to my quietness. The nice thing is we compliment each other.

Fran Lee said...

I'm the Irish one in my grand father was a Reilley. His father dropped the O'from O'Reilley so no one would know they were Irish...hmmm.