Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bronwyn Blogs...

Hi Everyone. My name is Bronwyn Green and I write erotica for Ellora's Cave and romantic suspense for Cerridwen Press.

In a world filled with so much negativity, we sometimes have to remind ourselves to look for the positive. I guess that's why I've always loved romance novels and why I enjoy writing them so much. No matter what kinds of hell the characters have to go through during the course of the story, they come through it stronger, wiser, happier etc.
That said, love doesn't have to be all teddy bears and daffodils - it certainly isn't in my stories! Sometimes love is hard, gritty and downright uncomfortable - emotionally, anyway. ;) Above all, I think love is healing - and if the healing happens to take place in the context of a sizzling hot story - so much the better!

My first book will be released on March 30th from Ellora's Cave - here's the blurb:

Elizabeth Louden has been chosen to provide Micah Bleddyn, the Overlord of Maelgwn, with an heir. However, she’s not interested in the honor. In a land where only men are allowed to use magic, women found to possess supernatural abilities are punished - often by death. She knows it’s only a matter of time before her secret is revealed.

Micah has no desire to rule his father’s empire, but after his older brother vanishes, he has no choice. Faced with invading forces, treachery among his own people, and now, a mate hell-bent on escape, he’s had enough. Realizing they have no allies but each other, Micah and Elizabeth reach a reluctant truce in their bid to stay alive and keep Maelgwn safe.

I also have a romantic suspense coming out on August 16th from Cerridwen Press, called Best Laid Plans and several works in progress that I'll be submitting to Ellora's Cave in the very near future - including the sequel to Overlord's Vessel - the story of two of the secondary characters.

You can read excerpts on my web site as well as snippets from the writing life and articles of interest to writers on my blog Currently, you can find my presentation on Using Archetypes in Character Development.

I hope you'll stop by and maybe drop me a note - I love to hear from readers.

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