Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's my day to blog . . . .

. . . but my book does not come out until April 4. Also, unfortunately, I have not been given the go ahead to post my cover, blurb or excerpt, but you can bet I will as soon as EC says "GO."

I can give you some hints, though. My book is called Anchor and Storm, but it has nothing to do with sailing. The premise of the book is, what if Lord Chatterley not only encouraged his wife to take a lover but . . . participated??? Woo-hoo! Well, if Connie Chatterley had the men I have in A&S, she would be one happy lady. Is that enough to wet your appetite for now? If not, just wait until you see the cover of A&S -- in the words of everyone who has seen it, it is HOT!

I have been writing for about 12 years, and like most authors, I guess, I have many unfinished manuscripts lying around that I want to finish someday, along with other stories rambling around in my head. My WIP now is set in Scotland in the time of the Romans and in Rome itself. If you check out my interview in the April issue of the Lady Jaided newsletter, you will learn not to expect laughter and light from most of my stories, and this WIP is probably my darkest. But those were not especially cheerful times for most of the citizens and life was tough. I am really excited about this one and I hope, if it gets published, you will be moved by it, too.

I can be reached at katepoole06@comcast.net, if you have any questions or comments. I will be working on a website when I get the final word from EC, and I'll post that on the blog site, too.

'Til next time,
Kate Poole


Lacey Thorn said...

A&S sounds so good that I hope April gets here quick. Check to see if the cover is already on the coming soon page at EC. If it is then you can post away. My April 13 release is already up on the coming soon page. I can't wait to see your blurb and a peak between the covers!


Bronwyn Green said...

Kate, this sounds so good! I can't wait to read it. And having seen the cover, I must say, it's freaking amazing!!!