Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hi all,

This is the second free-for-all day here at the Goddesses blog. And today's topic is DREAMS.

Hmm...I know we're supposed to share something about our dreams with you but,, hmmph! No, that wasn't a hairball, I was merely clearing my throat. *G* I haven't had tea yet this morning and it's a bit...dry. Because, well...all right, I'm just going to spit it out and be done with it. My dreams? Well goodness, they're hardly fit for sharing, not even with you, dear friends. Some nights they have me tossing and turning, all sweaty and tangled up in the sheets. I hear that sometimes my dreams even make me moan, so how on earth could I share them with--um, what? What was that? Excuse me? You hopes and dreams, that sort of thing?

Oh. Ahem. Of course.

No, I'm not blushing. Not hairballing, not blushing.

So, dreams... I would have to say that I am living my dream. I have the love of a good man, a healthy, happy family and friends that will take my secrets to their graves. (I hope.) And honestly I'm living my dream. I have always wanted to be a writer. A real, honest-to-goodness, paycheck-cashing-from-my-words writer. And thanks to all of you, my dreams have come true.

I hope some of the other goddesses share their dreams today. Should I clue them in on what sort of dreams we're discussing so they don't inadvertantly share something wild and racy with us? No, I didn't think so, either. Let's just sit back and see what happens next. ;)

Until next time,


Elissa Abbott said...

Nina, you are too funny. :-)

I was actually just talking about this with my DH last night--what we want out of life.

Here's my dream: running my own small publishing company, printing books that break boundaries between genres, that make story matter in modern life, the way myths used to matter to those who told and retold them. I hope that the books I write do some of that, too. You readers will have to tell me.

It's easy to get so caught up in the everyday that we lose sight of those big, horizon dreams. How do others keep their eyes on their distant goals and the laundry at the same time?

Delia Carnell said...

I've just returned from three days at Disney World, where dreams come true all day long. I always see the relation to my own life when I'm there. No, they don't let me live in the castle, though they really should. Oh, but look at my dreams and how they've come true! My Prince is finally with me after too many years of living a thousand miles apart. I've sold five books in less than a year. Wow. That's a dream come true. But the most important thing... the thing we ALL need to rememeber all day long every day is this -- Dreams DO come true. If you want it. If you work for it. If you pour your heart and soul into it. And here's another reason I love Disney so much. It was Walt who said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." That's exactly right. And of course we have to love what Mickey says at the endn of Fantasmic. "That's some imagination, huh?"

Here's to happy dreaming for all of us.


Bronwyn Green said...

First off, HAPPY RELEASE DAY, NINA!!!!!!!!

Whew, I'm glad we're talking goal type dreams as opposed to the bizarre things that wander through my mind while I'm sleeping. Seriously - no one wants to go there!

I'm exceptionally lucky - I'm living my dream, too. I have the most amazing, supportive husband, two beautiful, brilliant sons and the best friends and family members on the planet.

I'm following my dream and writing full-time. I will admit, I'm terrified with my first release coming out on Friday, but I'm hoping that readers will love Micah as much as I do. :)

I do dream of traveling. My husband and I never had a honeymoon, so I'm hoping to be able to someday take him to Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

I also dream of having a clean house and Alice from the Brady Bunch, but I'm thinking that ship has probably sailed already.

Elissa Abbott said...

Bronwyn, as much as I like to support fellow Goddesses, I'm not sure I'll be able to buy your book. My newphew's name is Micah--he's nine, and I'm not sure I could take imagining him in an EC book.

Does your Micah love lizards, soccer, and the color green?

Bronwyn Green said...

Hey Elissa,

Well, my Micah is a big hulking medieval warlord type so he's not so much into lizards, soccer or green. ;)

But I completely understand the aversion to the name. There was a book I wanted to read but the hero's name was Killian, which is my eldest son's name. I put it right back on the shelf. I just couldn't do it.

Nina Nash said...

Dreams, we've all got 'em and I love it that we can share them. :)

Bronwyn, thanks so much for the good wishes on my release! It feels so wonderful to see my cover on the home page!

Elissa, your dream sounds super. May I share it? *g* But you're right, how to dream and get the laundry done too? I like Bronwyn's idea of Alice...think she'd let Alice come over to my house on her day's off? We could pass Alice around, although that sounds like a plan for a new book, doesn't it?

Delia and Walt, I can see it. Your trip sounds heavenly. I love Walt Disney, always have and always will. Who could resist someone who knew in his heart that dreams-for all of us-could come true?

Lacey Thorn said...

Dreams are the motivation that keeps us striving. I have always wanted to write and it was my father who showed me the way. Now I have six books coming out with Ellora's Cave and am working on more. I want my kids to be healthy and happy. I want quiet moments of shared bliss and the chaos of life unfolding. I want it all! LOL Happy release day to Nina! The book is on my wish list!


Delia Carnell said...

I know a woman who used the names of her son and daughter for her hero and heroine. EEEUUUUWWW!!!!