Monday, March 12, 2007

Technical limitations and other stuff that gets in the way of life...

Uh oh...I think today is my day to post. And like the kid who 'forgot' to study for a math test, I'm caught off guard and scrambling now! LOL. No matter, I can always come up with something to blog about. I'm a writer, afterall. Never at a loss for words.

Hi, my name is Rita Sable and I write erotic contemporary romantic suspense and paranormal stories. And right now, as much as I'd love to post a copy of my beautiful *hot* cover from FAMILY JEWELS, I can't. That's because I'm forced to use a public computer since my keyboard recently committed suicide. So that leaves me technically challenged right now. Thanks to our blog mistress, Taige, the cover is in our rotation on the left hand side. You can also read an excerpt on my website,

I'm really proud of my current book with Ellora's Cave. Family Jewels was a labor intensive book and demanded a lot of research into the diamond industry, and into the history the Nazi invasion of Russia. I learned about how the holocaust affected not only the people, but the diamond industry as well. I've always had a fascination with gems and the research for Family Jewels fueled that fascination. I felt a much deeper connection to the story and all of the characters after my research. I like to think that connection comes through in my writing and in the story.

What am I working on now? A few things, of course! #1 is a contemporary erotic 'adventure' suspense called "Jungle Fever" that involves the hunt for Colombian emeralds; #2 is a contemporary erotic paranormal titled "Heaven's Warrior". I have an excerpt on my website for that one that you can read. #3 is "Mustang" a contemporary erotic western along the same lines as my first book, "Evening Star". This one concerns saving the wild mustang herds in the great American southwest. And #4 is something new I'm trying - a SciFi titled "Rush". That one is really fun and exciting, and I'm really hoping for it to be novella length - as in under 80k words!

I work on as many as three of these different stories every day. I like my smorgasbord and the different plots keep my brain energized and flexible. I'll be posting more excerpts from all of these different stories as they progress, so be sure to stop by my website and check.

Have a great Monday night, all!


Lacey Thorn said...

Rita they all sound so good! Of course I have a thing for erotic cowboys so three guesses which one I will be waiting with bated breath for! LOL

Bronwyn Green said...

Don't you hate it when technology can't be bothered to work?

I do love your cover, though - it's one of the most gorgeous ones I've seen! And the story is awesome, too! I can't wait to read your new stuff!

Elissa Abbott said...

Hey, Rita-- It was clear to me when I read "Family Jewels" that you must have done a ton of research. But the best part was that your research didn't bog down the story.

So often when authors research a subject they feel compelled to fill their book up with everything they learned.

But you did it just right!! I still get hot thinking about those handcuffs, by the way. :-)

~Sable said...

Thank you, Lacey, Bronwyn, and Elissa! Such comments are fodder to my soul. :-D

Yeah, poor stinking computer keyboard... it gets pounded on every day and really takes a beating. I dug out my laptop to use for now until I can get a new keyboard at Circuit City next week.