Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top o' the Mornin' To You!

The leprechauns are dancing and the faerie rings are aglow with light this morning because they've just seen that BRIANNA'S MAGIC is available now at Loose-Id.com. This is what happens when an editor asks an Irish girl if she will write a book for St. Patrick's Day. Erin go bragh! O' course I will, lassie! And whip up some soda bread while I'm whistlin' "Danny Boy!"

Brianna O'Shea is a witch living on the bottom coast of Ireland in the tiny village of Torin. She loves her family and her connection to her ancestors. And she loves the magic that's been in her blood for century after century. Nothing symbolizes this rich heritage to her more than the ruins of Castle Torin. So you can well imagine her dilemma when along comes American businessman Michael Gallagher and buys the entire parcel right out from under her nose.

To say sparks fly would be an understatement, even for an Irish tongue. Michael Gallagher is intrigued by the Irish lass, but he's not giving up his plans. Not for her or anyone. Converting prime property into five-star resorts is what he does. And does very well. His family found their particular pot of gold by moving from the Emerald Isle to America three generations ago. Now that he's back on the auld sod, however, what is it that he feels stirring in his blood? Is it his reaction to the sexy witch? Or does he have the magic as well?

Maybe it's both. These two may have just met their matches on a windswept cliff on the very edge of Ireland. Check out BRIANNA'S MAGIC as your St. Patrick's Day gift to yourself. After all, everyone is a little bit Irish this time of year.


Bronwyn Green said...


First off, this cover is absolutely gorgeous! And the story is right up my Celtic-magic-loving alley - I can't wait to read it!

~Sable said...

What a great plot, Delia! I love the idea of an American causing all the conflict for this poor Irish witch. Ireland is a beautiful country. I'll have to check this book out for St. Paddy's day!

Lacey Thorn said...

Ohhh, Delia! This sounds really good! I'll add it to my MH list! I love good Irish love stories. Last year for St. Paddy's day I bought a thick book of Irish Folklore! This sounds even better!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Love it, Delia!