Thursday, March 29, 2007

Did You Get Your DIAMONDS Yet?

My first book with Cerridwen Press, TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS, releases today. You can see it on the home page at

Of all the things Jake lost - job, self-respect, six-figure income - he misses his red sports car most of all. Washed up and burned out, he manages to scratch out a living taking pictures of cheating spouses for a divorce lawyer. Then along comes a leggy blonde with a diamond obsession. The last thing he wants or needs is to get involved with this doll. But she really needs his help.

The Kendicott Diamond has been in Rebecca's family for generations. She knows where it is, and she wants it back. But she'll need Jake's help to get the job done. But is it really the diamond she's after, or revenge for her mother's untimely death? The chase takes them from Tampa to Miami to the Islands, and along the way she learns that the treasure may just be the man. The one who is Tougher Than Diamonds.

Get your Bling today at!


Lacey Thorn said...

Sounds great! Happy release day to you!

Bronwyn Green said...

Happy Release Day, Delia! Btw, love the "get your bling" line!

Nina Nash said...

Woo hoo Delia!! Happy Release Day!! (Can you hear me clapping?!) :)

This sounds like a great book. I look forward to reading it. And I hope you're celebrating!