Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meet Desiree Holt

Hi there! I'm Desiree Holt, the goddess of everything hot. I write about women who are strong yet feminine and the sexy alpha heroes that help them live out their fantasies. I currently have three novellas out that I'd like to tell you about. In CUPID'S SHAFT, released by Ellora's Cave, Jessie Rawlins is bummed about Valentine's Day. Her jerk of a boyfriend has dumped her for a size 2 leggy blonde and she's snowbound in a vavcation cabin in Maine with all the equipment for a sexy Valentine's celebrqation and no one to enjoy it with. Then the storm dumps Riley Malone on her doorstep, a man oozing rough sex appeal who discovers he wants nothing more than to make Jessie's Valentine's fantasy come true.

In GIVE IT TO ME, from Triskelion Publishing, CAroline "Callie" Michaels is another disappointed heroine who can't seem to find the right man to help her celebrate her birthday the way she wants. Then she invites hunky Sam Winthrop, the cop next door who's been lusting after her for months, to join her and Sam can't say yes fast enough. When he discoveres the bag of sex toys Callie had pourchased for her special biorthday his sex drive goes into overdrive.He is only teo happy to help Callie live out her erotic fantasies - and keep living them out as long as they're with him.

CALL ME PETE, also from Triskelion, finds Tracie Hill bemoaning the fact that her longtime boss has retired and sold the company to a much larger pone. Tomorrow she'll meet her new boss, known as 'the tyrant' but tonight she's out to drown her troubles with friends. Too bad she snags her last pair of pantyhose on the desk drawer, but that's nothing when a good-looking, sexy stranger walks in while she's doing a striptease to get them off. If that isn't bad enough, the power suddenly goes off trapping them in the office. And what does one do when trapped with a sexy stranger? A litle bondage? A lot of sex? Some erotiv adventures?
I hope you enjoy Desiree's "Taste of Love" and will visit me at And watch for my contests!


Lacey Thorn said...

Okay now I need all three of these books. The one I already have on my wish list but now I want the other two as well. Especially Give it To Me! That one I must have!

Bronwyn Green said...

Everyone should read Cupid's Shaft - it's great. Gotta love that Riley Malone!!